The Frequency of Your Vibration Controls Your Health

The things that affect the 4D frequency of your 3D physical vibration are:

  • Mindset habits, positive and negative
  • Heartset habits positive and negative
  • The Vibration of your water
  • The Vibration of your food and drink and how you feel when eating/drinking it.
  • Electrolyte balance (potassium and sodium). Very big deal.
  • The Quality of your air
  • The Quality of your sleep
  • Meditation/breathing
  • Toxic or non toxic people you are around
  • How well you set boundaries and enjoy doing it.
  • Listening to music
  • The karma/dharma setup of your oracle birth gateway
  • How well you observe or dial up synchronicity

Each of these could fill a book but I can give you examples.

  • I’m at my happiest meditating, sleeping, and dreaming then remembering my dream. Then writing. Then reading. I’m trying to align my antipode Blue 13 Night with Red 13 Skywalker.
  • Blogging-sharing my Red 13 Earth Guide Power which understands cosmic synchronicity.
  • My eyes and brain are clear-Aries Sun rules the head
  • Body is humming-Aries Sun rules physical vitality
  • Listening to classical pianists-Yellow 1 Star hidden wisdom

Least happy;

  • Not enough nature because I live in the city.
  • Getting hit on or hooted at by men when I go outside or walk outside, or at the store, or in my office. The men try to get my attention too much. They’re overshooting bc of ego. Hardly anyone has a shot with me.-EARTH OUT OF GENDER BALANCE.
  • Too much social. I am INFJ
  • Dealing with a very toxic patient. I eventually fire them as my office is sacred space for everyone.
  • Accepting that 13 Cosmic Worldbridger death/change is supporting me? Spirit is still working on me.

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