My Astral Level Dream

I recommend remembering your dreams as much as possible. They have vital information for your 3D life. Asking to remember them or telling yourself to before you go to sleep might work.

This dream was twelve nights ago between White 13 Worldbriger, my analog, and Blue 1 Hand, my 5gforce so this was pivotal. I had no idea it was coming, nor have I been remembering them lately.

The first three-quarters of the dream was getting rid of a feeling of failure that I’m incapable of jumping through hoops for a lesser man just so I can fit into what society thinks a beautiful woman is supposed to do, feed a man her soul who doesn’t deserve her instead of being single. If what I am is so wrong, why do straight women come to my office all the time and tell me they wish they could be like me? Free.

Because they aren’t willing to pay the price of societal rejection, judgment, and pressure in patriarchy and make their own money instead of being subsidized by a man. Because they are NOT me. That’s why not.

Well, I’m tired all the time, never take vacations, and have no sex because I won’t degrade myself with hookups. Do they want that?

Women use men all the time because most men don’t love, they lust. Gay people use each other too but sometimes love. Lust isn’t love. Friendship is love. That attracts gay men to women and presents another problem.

Here is the dream;

I was in a car on a local road here and for some strange reason, there was no sign. I took a right off-ramp and I didn’t know where it was going or why but I ended up on this extremely strange highway that was geometric cubes. They were sort of cushy, full of air or balloon-like and it was ginormous and colorful, thousands of them. There were a lot of cars and types of roads but it was all slanted downhill and it was very scary cause it went super, super fast was by no means normal. I guess in our dimension it looked like a high-tech road and I was warned in a previous dream that it was being built. I remember now. I believe it was the astral level.

I ended up on a boat with people and we were in some secluded tropical island place. I said, “Oh my God where am I?” There was no map, no idea of where we were, everybody was nice but they had no way to help me bc they weren’t from my home land of earth. But they were people. No biggie. No threat. They weren’t strange at all, like normal E.T.

Then the different symbols start coming. I saw a woman and she looked familiar and I said you know who I am right? She stopped and acknowledged me. “Do you know where we are or how I can get back home so I can get married on time? ” We were supposed to get married at 5 and now it was 7! I said, “Why can’t I see you at home?” when she wasn’t even in my dimension and she said it was because we love each other, I can see her now. It makes you able to see people you wouldn’t otherwise in 4D and 5D. And then she went away. She was nice but not warm at all. So it almost was like she was a guardian angel, somebody I knew. She looked physical, wearing a brown dress, long brown hair, normal woman.

And then I saw a note. I kept getting  phone calls from earth like “Lisa where are you? The pastor and guests and my mate were ready to go. Everybody’s here.” I kept putting on the wrong earrings and my shirt had spots on it and at one point I was in a restaurant and the clothes were messed up and it was just chaos. I had the wrong necklace and earrings. No, I bought different things. The feeling was failure.

Then finally I saw this little note at the bottom, it’s very odd, it didn’t fit into the dream and it was from Harry in code with symbols. Typical. He loves to be cryptic to avoid emotion. It was very mischievous. Scribbles. There was a symbol of an upset cart laughing, and basically it was like he was being mischievous in spirit because he knew how to and was trying to stop me from mating with someone else because he wanted to but he felt like he couldn’t do it with me yet, he couldn’t mate with me, even though part of him wanted to. But he didn’t know what to do so he was gonna stop or sabotage somebody else from getting to me on the astral level. Little shit.

I woke up pissed like I need to email him again and set boundaries. He won’t listen. Let him stew in his bad energy soup of unforgiveness.

So that kind of woke me up to what Harry is about. Goofed up spiritually. That’s all he knows to do is to make trouble with women and thinks it’s fun. He doesn’t know exactly how to be constructive or change himself on his etheric level which is his emotional/mental body, so he’s just mischievous and destructive emotionally it was in code and I saw his name in code.

So the dream made clear to me the difference between the physical body, the etheric emotional mental body, and the astral body and how when we make choices in our etheric emotional mind, it changes the direction we’re gonna go which is our destiny. It’s the wider universe. There’s a cosmic component and I’m doing it myself. But the majority of the journey was spent just feeling like I have been a big failure as far as mating bc I can’t change for a man. It’s not in my personality. I feel that even in my waking life and punished by men bc I won’t hand them my soul for them to have bc they are so empty! I have no control over that. They do.

But the truth of the matter is, the person who is on my astral path is just as off the 3-D path as I am so we’re both trying to get ourselves lined up with our new destiny before we meet each other…I think. I hope. Who knows what the universe intends? I’m human so my vision is limited.

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