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Two weeks ago I went to see Lisa because I was having lingering pelvic girdle pain after having given birth to my daughter (two months old). I left the first visit feeling lighter and more confident with homework to do on my physical body and energy centers.

Motivated by what I experienced and eager to continue healing, I went to see Lisa again this week. Again she performed Reiki and went to work with her hands on my hips, thighs, and lower back. I’m leaving this review because I no longer feel any pain. I woke up yesterday for the first time in several months not feeling like I had to stretch and balance before I walked. All my discomfort is gone! I’m going to continue to see Lisa continue the journey of balancing and learning more about my chakras, but she resolved my issue. Thank you so much, Lisa!
Review By: Molly Braun ( – Zip Code: 49503
Submitted: 03/09/2023
Review ID: 61898

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