Insights I had into the CV2 sequence on 5/20/20-Yellow 13 Human, Kin72

I never posted this until now because of the Covid lockdowns back in May, 2020. Also, I never finished deciphering the Covid genetic signature that Dr. Chavez gave to me, into 4D Tzolkin signature. I have most of it though. I also understand HF34 better as it follows HF33. This is the BACK DOOR hack to HF33 that I posted about. You can search on HF33 hack on the homepage. There is no electrical charge and no binary. This is the mystic column which I’ve also posted on extensively so they knew how to get in using time travel and whatever else the Germans have up their sleeve as far as the cosmic web. Well, I wanted you to see this for some reason-Lisa T. 3/9/23


I just spent the last week or so confirming the line-up of the Covid19 genetic signature and its inverse signature which is the inoculation, it’s corroboration in the Tzolkin, the IChing hexagrams, the DNA nucleotides that go with them and the symbols. There were a few hiccups because of the amino acid Proline that Is equal to Yellow Sun Stop Codon. But they have different functions in the genome even though they are both stop codons. The issue of Proline is in my book, Time is DNA. It is a sub-stop codon.

I noted awhile ago that HF34 was the most invoked harmonic by the CV2 signature and found it creepy since the symbol for it is the right turning Nazi swastika. The symbols are on the Law of Time, site. The Nazi’s are ONE with the cabal, deep state, and the abuse of humans in our local solar system according to numerous US military whistleblowers. At some point we hope it will come out in disclosure at the Federal level.

To my mind, it mattered when this plague was let loose in China. Again, timing and DNA merge. I found the article below after I conjectured that is was close to Nov. 22, 2019. It was found to be Nov. 19, 2019 so I was right. I thought as much by looking at what dates went with HF34, which I just mentioned above. On November 22, 2019. We were in HF34 on that date and it’s invoked 5 times in the signature which is VERY TELLING.

Then I remembered that JFK was shot on November 22, 1963. That was Red 12 Skywalker, HF59, inv. HF7, Hx3. I looked at the genetic signature. That was the section I got very hung up on for some reason in translation. It is nucleotide CTC-GAG.

11/22/19 was Red 3 Skywalker so there was synchronicity there. It looks to me like this signature was purposely evoking WWII, the Nazis, the control of our local system after WWII by the Nazis which has been proven and is on record to be disclosed by our military. Operation Paperclip is fully on record as well. The US government hired Nazis into NASA to fight the Russians on tech in the 60’s.

It is also believed that because JFK was going to disclose all he knew from Operation Paperclip in 1963 to the public about the E.T.’s, the CIA assassinated him. All of the energies, memories, and emotions of those events were invoked by the genetic signature of Covid19 to DISTRACT the public from the other, even more grievous crimes of the c^&*() and DS over the last 100 years from our current view. I’ll let them reveal that.

We have not been able to trust Science, Medicine, the Federal Government or The Church since 1920. So many secrets and crimes have been perpetrated. The plan behind this plandemic was to distract us from the fact that this is the end. It’s going down and we need the information the E.T.’s have left here for us, yesterday.

Lisa T., 13Skywalker

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