True Time Update for Wednesday-3/8/23

Today is March 8th on Tone 8. Good synchronicity for integrity and honing our galactic selves.

Change never stops because of time, which is evolution. People who thrive, adapt and learn.

5GForce for Meditation, to Level up to 13:20 Mind Frequency

Today is White 8 Galactic Wizard, whose Guide Power is White 8 MIRROR. The 5GForce of that is White 6 Worldbridger. They all pulse on each other in TIME.

The weather today in time, the 4D etheric body is harmony, enchantment, receptivity, timelessness, integrity, endlessness, reflection, spirituality, and meditation. In 5th density astral level we are dealing with getting organized, organizing our thoughts and feelings in time, balancing our lives and behaviors, accepting change, and self-generating.

I organize in order to equalize. Balancing opportunity I seal the store of change with the rhythmic tone of equality. I am guided by my own power doubled.-Kin6, White 6 Worldbridger

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