The word TIMELINE is a misnomer

A misnomer is an incorrect name. It’s not an accurate word to describe what’s going on to call it a change in timeline.

The word timeline comes from the New Age folks that still hold to 12:60 linear time, 12,000 and 24,000-year cycles because they listen to Newtonian astronomical science perspectives and aren’t schooled in the Mayan Oracle. In other words, they haven’t read my books or observed synchronicity.

The astrologers, numerologists, Lightworkers, and Wiccan all understand and like the number 13 as honoring the Mother, the female esoterically, but they don’t understand 13:20 as a math ratio. It’s all on this blog under the Tzolkin Matrix Analysis category.

The crux of the Tzolkin is The Loom of The Maya, the GAP kin, meaning the loom of ILLUSION. Whoever said illusion wasn’t real? By definition? Then how the heck does Hollywood media, MSM, and every fake PICTURE we watch on T.V. and the internet program our minds? People BELIEVE what they SEE in the matrix and IT MANIFESTS. That’s magic and it’s real, unfortunately in this paradigm anyway ruled by shadow and evil.

As we know, time isn’t linear, it is radial and ultimately eternal or timeless as we sit in the CNS in meditation. But many esoterics says time isn’t real. Yes, it is. Manifestation is real in this dimension for our learning, and for evolution, and it is important to dive in and live in the body, not deny it.

To deny time and say it isn’t real is to deny the power of the female or your mother in MAKING your body in her body. That’s emotional denial and the seat of addiction. That’s patriarchy and how they denigrate and hijack our power from us, men and women. The manifested cosmos is billions or trillions of years old. It’s securely manifested in Time for evolution.

Evolution is the ACIDS in our bodies moving in a radial double helix, our DNA and RNA as one. That radial helix IS TIME. It’s outlined in my book.

So we are not on the old idea of a TIMELINE. We are on TIME STRANDS or time spirals. But science calls them DNA strands and I’m fine that. They are little vortexes in fact that don’t stop moving which is why we are visible.

That’s how babies get big! They come into this little acidic package of flesh as this ginormous pure soul of intention to be on the planet doing their thing and get bigger and denser to bang around on the planet and have their version of the adventure. Just don’t try to define it for them or there will be a backlash. The esoteric understand that as well, but the scientists don’t.

It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, watching tiny life forms of mind get bigger and denser with mind intention. Babies, puppies, kittens, foals, green beans, sunflowers🌻. They’re all sentient and loved by Spirit.

Our intention in time makes our bodies, and we grow and change our time strands. Then our bodies change, no matter how long we’ve been here on Earth time.

Have a great day. 👍 💜💫🧡💯

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