Intuitive Categories

Blue Avian and Anshar
A Tall White
Supposedly these guys run the planet; The Raptors. That’s not the sports team but it makes you wonder if the people that named the sports team have some intel! Imagine one talking to you. I can, but, ya know, I’m different. Reptiles are more nurturing than mammals. Just sayin’ We descended from them.

Ichanged the name of category E.T. or Extra Terrestrials to Stellar Species because according to The Cosmic Secret documentary, that’s what they prefer to be called. If you think about it, how would you like to be called Extra Human. You are human, not “extra” and you are from the region called Michigan and your name is… So I should be called Lisa from Grand Rapids, MI. Then I put my right hand in the air like all good Michiganders because we are the mitten state and point to the pinky side of my hand. “I am here.” LOL.

They are also from a stellar region, like a state or planet and their name is… As Corey Goode said, they’re just people and most of them look like us. AND, many of them live here on this terrestrial planet either among us or underground or in a mountain. It’s their home too so they aren’t “extra” on earth. Many of them got here before we did!

There is STELLAR SPECIES a main category and stellar species under DISCLOSURE main heading.

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