NASA ASTRONAUT Edgar Mitchell’s Birth Gateway

He died in 2016 and was Born on September 17, 1930. You can google it yourself and check it in your oracle app. I think he was a Virgo Sun.

Before becoming an astronaut, Mitchell earned his

(And yet this writer on the previous post with his little science rag has the gaul to insult him)

Tone 4 Kin mediated by Uranus don’t incarnate to Earth to be liked or understood. Mitchell was very spiritual looking at his Guide Power and he had something to say that would not cause people to like him.

That is TONE 4 AND TONE 13. We have that in common. Par for the course.

Uranus, Neptune, Earth and Pluto

His hidden wisdom is highly significant and pivotal for him. It Is symbolic of his mother. I see this in 4~10 and 10~4 birth oracles. The self-existing tone changes your planetary manifestation. Something occurred with his mother that changed his life. Maybe she was the impetus for him becoming an astronaut.

His challenge was humans who either saw things their way or were centered enough in themselves that they saw the truth of what he was saying. No doubt it was a mixed bag depending on their level of enlightenment.

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