Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Says Aliens Prevented A Nuclear War On Earth | IFLScience

Please read the article first.


The last paragraph of this is pretty insulting to Edgar Mitchell. What are ya gonna do with short-sighted, indolent 3D clenchers who probably believe the earth is flat and the universe uninhabited because it can’t sink into into their pea brain?

But a bazillion high-ranking scientists come out in the last 3 years against masking, mRNA vaccines, and lockdowns, and were CORRECT, but because it didn’t fit most people’s social agenda or social calendar they hauled off and wailed on those of us that were more intelligent and don’t get a kick out of the specter of millions of people dying from big pharma greed and government corruption from an mRNA vaccine.

Beast mode.

Edgar Mitchell was correct, told the truth, and deserves an apology from the writer and respect. People who are wrong, weak, and scared are not going to hijack the truth on Earth any longer. Take a flying leap, for the sake of humanity and the cosmic web. Writer Jonathon Callaghan, you owe Edgar Mitchell a public apology.

The stellar species are shutting down nukes and our astronauts tell the truth whether anyone likes it or not. End of story.

Oh look, there’s a stellar person behind her! Wait, YouTube edits that kind of thing out because it isn’t scientific.

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