Thursday Timeweather-2/2/23

4DForce on the etheric level, affecting our etheric body first


It’s bipartisan. That would be nice.

I dedicate on order to influence. Universalizing wisdom I seal the process of free will with the crystal tone of cooperation. I am guided by the power of flowering.

Kin 12-Yellow 12 Crystal Human

Body Holon

We pulse to the reproductive/sexual areas below the navel, the belly dance country. It goes down to the knees. Yellow star is on the right and analog Blue Monkey is on the left. Polarizing Tone 2 pulses to the right knee JOINT and Tone 12 pulses to the left knee JOINT.

Earth Holon 🌎

The high amplitude hit this morning. More is coming tonight I think, on the right.
Current frequency is 7.91. 70 hit yesterday at 6pm EST.

Interplanetary Holon – 3D synced with 4D; flesh and etheric body as one.

Your etheric body is composed of your habitual thoughts and feelings in Time. It is the energy grid scaffolding of your flesh body which consists at a base level, of what your parents gave you at birth. That’s all they gave you. YOU are forming your 4D etheric body IN YOUR TIME HERE as your life. No one is forcing you to silently think and feel anything no matter how you’re programmed by parents or society. It’s yours in free will and it creates your health alignment hands down. It’s epigenetic. When I do REIKI my hands are in people’s etheric bodies.

2~12 polarizing-crystal pulse on 2/2/23. Venus, Pluto, Neptune, and Mars. Venus isn’t kissing anyone in 4D. It’s a 3D romantic illusion, which people love but, oh well.
All Zodiac Signs
The Moon is in Cancer and the Sun in Pisces on Terra Firma Holographic Movie 🎬 Set
  • Mercury aligns with Saturn this morning, shortly before it leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces. It won’t be long before Saturn makes the same sign change (on March 7th). The meeting of Mercury and Saturn inclines us to think and communicate about serious matters, responsibilities, obligations to others, and worries or grievances. We may be addressing a problem once and for all. Our ability to concentrate is enhanced now, possibly because circumstances call for it. There could be an increased need for solitude to think or solve problems. This is a time for seeing things realistically or for their practical value, and we seek tangible results. There might be a verbal or written commitment made now, or we could experience a form of a reality check.
  • Mercury enters Pisces this afternoon, where it will transit until the 19th. During this cycle, our thinking processes are more visual, intuitive, and imaginative. We are especially attuned to the world of emotion, which colors our thoughts and communication style. It’s a period for making decisions intuitively. We don’t enjoy pinning down, labeling, or strictly defining things during this transit. We recognize that life isn’t always logical and prefer not to think in black-and-white terms.We’re sensitive and impressionable, which means we can take in more than usual, and it can sometimes overwhelm us.
  • Today’s Moon is in protective Cancer.


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