I’m Working on my Business Blog Right Now. Come on Over!

deeptissuetherapygr.com is my holistic office site.

There are 500+ posts over there which are very good. I’m just cleaning up the categories similar to what I had to do over here, but no doubt there will be something of interest there for my followers here because it’s about empowerment, the body, health, hospitals, drugs, pharmaceutical industry, medicine, holistic medicine, and the truth. Disclosure is good and we all need to be active about it.

I have 100 more posts I’m categorizing but the category list is at the top of the blog posts page. You will see the link on the homepage. It says BLOG POSTS. Or…you can just go to the search box on the homepage and type in anything on health, covid19, health, vaccinations, government intrusion, illegal body mandates, nutrition, exercise, addiction, mindset, heartset, just take a guess. You know what I talk about.

Happy reading. Feel free to ask me anything in the comments. or email me at lisa.townsend76@yahoo.com

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