Essay-You Can’t Lock down People as your Territory

I’m mystified. You know what that means if I am mystified.

The men I know are territorial INSIDE of buildings, offices and homes where they have to behave in close proximity to others. But outdoors, they understand that nature, weather, and animals are free and they are good at interacting with wild weather, preparing for it or over-preparing for it as the case may be now because of the cataclysm cult in media giving men something to do while their brilliant wives run things. They want to play at controlling or destroying outside the home. Or maybe it’s because I live in Michigan where people have an active outdoor life, especially hunting. Fresh venison is much better for you than buying fatty burger in the grocery store but people have no ethical problem with that! Up here we have to keep the deer herd down.

But when it comes to other humans, females, males, and children in the home, sometimes, they get SO territorial and want to control, imprison or lock us down. 😜😳😖. That territorialism blows me away. I can’t fit it in my brain or soul. I felt this way when I was 10 years old. I’m a free woman and many women I know are, or want to be like me, free within their own homes and family, at least they say they do. But they have no idea what it takes. Watch what you wish for girlfrien’. I’m sayin’.😉 You need to be organized if you’re going to be independent because patriarchy works against you everywhere you go.

Women don’t have that controlling instinct or behavior with other women, men, or children. Am I wrong or do women naturally understand that humans ARE FREE? We are born to be who we are, to grow and change, and to come and go as we need to. Or is it individuals, not based on gender?

Men don’t get that ABOUT PEOPLE in relationships. They might say it philosophically to be politically correct but when you get them in an emotionally bonded situation or relationship in a home they panic like a wild animal in a cage and get controlling, whereas before, they were all about being born free, especially as it applies to sex and women, like a free-roaming animal. It’s a double standard.

Yet they desperately want and need relationships of all kinds. They need to understand feelings better which comes naturally for women. They adore us in ways we can’t imagine and see intricacies we don’t because they are learning what it is to be human. Then…they resist it.

I swear they are part wild animal…or domesticated dog. Testosterone. The U.S. Government does it also.

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