Sunday-2/26/23-Yellow 11 Spectral Seed VALINE

Interplanetary Holon

11~3 pulse, Spectral to electric. Jupiter 3x, asteroid belt, and Uranus
  • Today’s Mercury-Venus semi-square can suggest minor misunderstandings or indecision. It’s not easy to concentrate or connect with our hearts. There can be minor but irritating disconnects as we either rationalize our feelings or emotionalize our observations. We don’t want to rock the boat and may make an extra effort to please, but some insincerity and lack of clarity may result. Fortunately, we see the value of teaming up to generate ideas, solve problems, or listen to one another.
  • The Moon continues its transit of Taurus until 10:48 AM EST, when it moves into Gemini.
  • The Moon is void from 9:42 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Pluto), until the Moon enters Gemini at 10:48 AM EST.
  • This is Jeff Bezos birth gateway, owner of Amazon, the kings of cardboard. He did innovate in the spirit of Jupiter, but he probably also knew the elite were planning lockdowns and the mRNA vax. I’m pretty sure he’s good friends with Yellow Star Bill Gates. Gates is the muscle behind the operation just as valine interacts with leucine dominated muscle in the body.


Kin #16-Yellow 3 Electric Warrior

I activate in order to question. Bonding fearlessness I seal the output of intelligence with the electric tone of service. I am guided by the power of universal fire.”

Earth Holon

Frequency is 7.86, and the amplitude power is 14

Our 4D Yellow Seed time portal is a gateway kin located at 60°S–165°W in the South Pacific South of Australia. There have been earthquakes here in the last 48 hours. See the link.

UPDATED GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH (G3-CLASS) SUNDAY: The odds of a geomagnetic storm this week are increasing. There are now two CMEs (#1, #2) en route to Earth, both launched over the weekend from the vicinity of sunspot AR3229. Their consecutive arrivals on Feb. 27th and 28th could spark G3-class (Strong) geomagnetic storms. During such storms, auroras have been sighted in the USA as far south as Illinois and Oregon. Aurora alerts: SMS Text.

ANOTHER “CHAIN REACTION” EXPLOSION ON THE SUN: On Friday, Feb. 24th, a chain reaction of events on the sun sparked a solar flare, two radio blackouts, and an Earth-directed CME. On Saturday, Feb. 25th, it happened again. A magnetic filament connected to sunspot AR3229 erupted, producing an M6-class solar flare and a shortwave radio blackout over the Pacific Ocean. Soon after, a lopsided halo CME emerged:

The flank of this CME should strike Earth’s magnetic field on Feb 28th, possibly sparking geomagnetic storms as strong as category G3. During such storms, auroras have been sighted in the USA as far south as Illinois and Oregon.

Shock waves in the CME accelerated solar protons to nearly light speed, and the particles have already reached Earth. Right now, NOAA’s GOES-16 satellite is detecting a surge of protons with energies greater than 10 MeV. Our planet’s magnetic field is funneling these particles toward the poles where a second type of radio blackout is underway–a polar cap absorption (PCA) event:

Airplanes flying over these regions may find that their shortwave radios won’t work due to the ionizing effect of infalling protons. This PCA could persist for days. You can monitor its progress here.

Body Holon

It promotes muscle growth and tissue repair. It is a precursor in the penicillin biosynthetic pathway. Valine is one of three branched-chain amino acids (the others are leucine and isoleucine, Yellow Star and Blue Hand) that enhance energy, increase endurance, and aid in muscle tissue recovery and repair.

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