Dreams about Russia

I originally posted this on August 16, 2022. I don’t remember dreaming this and as I said, try to forget it because it’s just busy chatter. My sense now is the NEW Spiral is or is being secured in the time portal, Red Serpent.

If that is the case, absolutely no nukes are allowed because the cosmic web is being brought into our dimension as I write, through the Sun. There is no disruption of the cosmic web allowed. Here is the post…

I keep dreaming about Russia at night but want to forget them as soon as I wake up. They’re not negative or positive. I think I’m picking up a lot of spiritual/etheric chatter in the changes. I’ll look into what is going on over there and continue this blog.

All I know is the U.S. POTUS’s obsession with supporting Ukraine against Russia. I know nothing else right now. I’m not dreaming about UFOs as far as I remember. The dreams are busy and I feel there are new openings to the portals over there. That could mean several things. It could also mean that if Russia/Ukraine don’t tone down nuclear talk, the E.T. will stop them. That’s how it rolls now.

This is a strange one;


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