Thursday Timeweather-2/23/23-Red 8 Galactic Dragon. ScR is 33

We start a new 20-day cycle, a particular 260-day cycle of kin 21-kin 20, a new HF6, and a new 13-day cycle. We’re still evolving forward here despite collective negativity in the news and politics. The majority of people on this planet are positive, and of course, you never hear about them because they aren’t complaining or blaming others and are working in their own life. Right now in our society, the problem children are acting out and getting the most attention because they don’t understand the new frequency. Bear that in mind and pivot to a positive mindset for yourself.

HF6 is Spectral input as we move to Yellow 11 Seed by Sunday. We’re DISSOLVING and freeing ourselves from things, thoughts, and feelings we no longer need.

We are in IChing 34, The Power of the Great. This is Stage V of medieval world history on the CA strand of DNA, past to present. The great overwhelms the small, as it should be. But the great changes, always. It curbs the ego. The only thing that remains great on Earth is mutual love and having a child, which is why 98% of humans do it. That fits perfectly with the nurturing of Red 8 Dragon today. Nurture is our reason for harmonizing with integrity.

Body Holon

Red Dragon pulses with White Mirror to both eyes and both sides of the brain. Tone 8 pulses to the LEFT shoulder joint.

Cysteine is a non-essential amino acid important for making protein, and for other metabolic functions. It’s found in beta-keratin. This is the main protein in nails, skin, and hair. Cysteine is important for making collagen. More on cysteine can be found at the link


Kin19, Blue 6 Storm. We just landed on it on Tuesday when the big storm hit which is still in MI.

I organize in order to catalyze. Balancing energy, I seal the matrix of self generation with the rhythmic tone of equality. I am guided by my own power doubled

Earth Holon 🌎 -ScR just went up

Frequency is 7.5, and amplitude is 33 at 7am. Nodes on the new timeline on kicking in on regions of the planet where change is the dominant mindset attracted by the residents.

Interplanetary Holon

Neptune, the asteroid belt, Venus, and Pluto. Pluto is in CAPRICORN which is ruled by SATURN.
All Zodiac Signs
The Sun is in Pisces Ruled by Neptune in 3D which is our mediating planet in 4D today.
  • Saturn forms a semi-square with Chiron today–the first of three perfections; the other two are to come on August 15th and November 25th.
  • During this minor challenging longer-term transit, there can be fears of not being competent or effective enough to meet our responsibilities. We could find it hard to strike out on a unique path, again due to fears or insecurities. The desire to break from the status quo is strong, but we may not have the necessary confidence to do so temporarily. (These are subconscious fears due to the 4D presence of Pluto in Capricorn in the subconscious position of Yellow 5 Sun. Just let it go.)
  • Today’s Moon is in enterprising, assertive, and direct Aries, and we’re looking to start fresh and pioneer.

Aries are not always this way. Many of us are shy introverts that just make waves quietly since we seem to have a target on our heads, in no small part due to the way astrologers generalize about us. Aries is ruled by Mars and Mars mediates Red Skywalker and White Worldbridger in 4D. We were responsible for the escape from Tiamat to Earth and making sure humans had another chance to evolve again despite the mistakes made. Skywalkers want PEACE, not war.

From and Lisa

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