High ScR…44

The frequency is 7.5, and the amplitude of that is 44. It may blast up or down.

As I said in the daily, we just finished 20-day cycle #1 ending in Yellow 7 Sun, so we’re in for some NEW MOVEMENT on the new timeline which was secured in the 4D grid. What it does and where depends on the collective mindset of the region.

Look at the section of today’s post where I talk about Pluto and the subconscious mind; Yellow 6 Sun as the Hidden Wisdom. It’s raising the ScR as people struggle with the planetary alignments. When people’s minds go low, the ScR goes high.

There is no such thing as an accident in the hographic matrix. People struggle to accept that we are responsible as a collective. Our mindset is powerful. So these violent events and the trains, poison, and explosions are AN ARCHETYPE speaking to us.

Use your intuition. What is the message?

This is exactly what the 3D Astrology said today. The 4D destiny oracle supports it.

The train generally represents your progress toward your goals or what motivates you to keep on going in your daily life. In other words, trains are signs of personal growth and indicate that we have become self-aware and are moving forward in life.

If the train derails, explodes, or ✈️ is off kilter, that is Mercury short circuiting brains, computers, transportation, us! Energy supply.

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