Will we ever have satellites that can control the weather? – BBC Future

They already do try to overstep the COLLECTIVE MIND POWER with their A.I. weather satellites. And they call that advanced in the article because ARTIFICIAL intelligence is more advanced than NATURAL REAL INTELLIGENCE? No. They are incorrect.

They are called fake MSM and fake media/government/technology for a reason. They support the enslavement of human evolution, not the empowerment of it. They believe time is money, and not time is co-creating with Source.

I feel that the earth weather today is contrived and not natural. It is cloudy, cold, and icing. The original prediction was spring-like, which is what it has been.

They have every reason to block the energy of the Sun on this most powerful time portal that uplevels our new timeline to 5th density. I’m getting through anyway, but it is a battle.

It’s REAL Intelligence


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