Wednesday-2/22/23-Timeweather-Yellow 7 Resonant Sun

On the bean today…🙏
And again…uplevel.

When we say weather, we know we mean weather in the true context of the holographic matrix, which is composed of 3D Earth Space, 4DTime, and 5D+ Cosmos.

Everything is closed and canceled here in my area of Michigan due to the weather, so the vibe is off kilter. People go into panic mode whipped up by MSM, as usual. They still do whatever they’re told, but my patients and friends don’t.

We all need to meditate and channel today to bring in the new new frequencies from 5th density. You can do it while you’re working if you must.

Body Holon

Yellow Sun Stop Codon and analog Blue Storm pulses in time to the etheric body top of the head on the crown chakra. Tone 7 pulses to the voice chakra at the neck, C7 Joint.


The 5gfroce is ITSELF-kin20, Yellow 7 Resonant Sun

“I channel in order to enlighten. Inspiring life I seal the matrix of universal fire with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of free will. I am a galactic activation portal. I spin for 3 days in 3D.”

Earth Holon

The frequency is 8.18, and the amplitude is 10

Interplanetary Holon

Our 4D mediating planet Pluto is in Capricorn and will remain there for many years. So we are transforming our civilization in a big way for many years to come. This lends a tremendous character to this pivotal 4D gateway forever. Yellow Sun and Blue Storm are tied to PLUTO, so this gateway is a strong agent of DNA transformation.

Because it is resonant tone 7 makes it all the more comprehensive.

Pluto, Earth, Mercury, Neptune
All Zodiac Signs
The Sun is in Pisces
  • The Moon moves into Aries, and Mercury harmonizes with the sign’s ruler, Mars, bumping up enthusiasm.
  • Our communications are refreshingly direct and to the point. We can have a strong desire to do something with our ideas, learn, teach, or discuss. We are exceptionally alert and aware, and there is excitement or energy in our conversations. Putting our ideas into motion can be satisfying. We also feel more passionately about our interests and discoveries.
  • The Moon continues its void until it enters Aries today at 12:14 AM EST.

From and timepasages app

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