The Body Needs Energy Other Than Food, Water, and Air

We all think water and food come first as far as energy, but that’s if all you are aware of is your 3D flesh. I hope my followers are past that…?

What kind of energy fuels your etheric mind and body? And your cosmic mind and body?

QI, prana, life force, KI.

QI is naturally inherent in every cell of your body, one with the flesh, or you’d be dead.

Lisa T.

Trust me. I’ve had my hands on a patient who verbally told me he wanted to die, I put my hands on him and felt the vibration of cancer. His GRIEF was killing his LIGHT, his QI. I got him off the table and said, “I’m calling your Dr.and you can talk to them. I need to know your diagnosis for sure before we proceed.

NOW… I was following legal protocol even though I knew exactly what he had and where. But you see, I don’t count in our society. I have to be safe. I know that, and the universe has my back. I’m good with that. He was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer.

I told him he could treat holistically and with Reiki after he knew what it was, but he did not. He wanted to die, so he let the white coats do him in. They are a way out if you want off the planet! I have no judgment. People have a right to die. But my office is about LIFE, so you have to be ready to pivot your feelings and mindset and let go of your bullshit that is killing you, either quickly or slowly. It’s all NEGATIVE feelings and thoughts that put out the fire of the natural QI in your cells.

Breathing, Reiki, emotional release, talk therapy, pursuing a dream, chutzpah, music, dancing, letting out anger on a punching bag (negative but it can pivot) meditation🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️ , and TELLING YOUR TRUTH, saying it brings you back to life. People do it in my office all the time because they know it’s safe. I am totally non-judgmental.

Food can’t fix it. It drives me nuts when holistic and muscle people preach food. We need LESS FOOD, ANY FOOD, but for God’s sake, if you are ecstatic eating a hotdog and ice cream once in a while, it is not going to hurt you. I am not ecstatic with those tastes, but I am with lox. I could eat sushi or salmon all day, and potato and veggie.

We don’t need much food. Use the energies I mentioned above and practice gratitude daily. And don’t judge others based on what they eat, their size, income, or anything else. Take care of your own energy, line it up, and let it in with something other than 3D stuff.


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