Monday Oracle-2/20/23; Command Order to Your Mind Through Meditation. Today is the New Moon and Thus a New Cycle

Today is White 5 Overtone Mirror Tyrosine-This is Rosalind Franklin’s birth gateway. She was just mentioned in the post yesterday on finishing the genome. She is featured in my book, Time is DNA on pages 16 and 17.

I don’t mean command in a fascist military manner but like, “expecto…petronum” Harry Potter kind of way. 🧙‍♂️. Tone 5 is the Overtone of Radiance. There is everything right and good about being radiant in your focus and work so that you are intimidating to those who don’t focus and are here for ego and not the service and empowerment of others. Lightworkers on the front line are called to excel in love and empowerment of others.

First stop complaining, second make a plan, and third, execute the plan. Cue for jealous sabotage and eat it for breakfast. You will get full quickly. Fourth, focus on execution and envision success.

White Mirror is a powerful reflection of what you really love, think, feel, and believe. Your mouth can lie, but YOUR VIBRATION can’t, and people can feel it. That’s why lying is so odd. Everyone I know can tell if someone is lying. You don’t have to be intelligent. It’s an animal instinct like smelling pheramones you like. You can smell a rat, too.

With three planets in Pisces today and the synchronicity with timing pulsing on White 5 Mirror~Red 5 Dragon, the vibration is kindness with power and boundaries. Nurturing calls for firmness and accurate information. Empathy only works with DETACHMENT. We’re not called to be drawn into other’s energy vortex and take it on and take it in like a sponge. That’s not helping and we need a major revolution in the idea that if I suffer with you we will heal the suffering. It doesn’t work that way. I’ve been a professional empath for 23 years and I read people’s feelings like a book and then problem solve and pinpoint. I don’t absorb it. It’s important to apply the rational mind to feelings as well as feeling it and letting it go. We all need to pivot. Acknowledge the feeling, see where it comes from then move on.

The 5GForce

White 9 Solar Wind, Kin 22

“I pulse in order to communicate. Realizing breath I seal the input of spirit with the solar tone of intention. I am guided by the power of endlessness. I am a galactic activation portal. I spin in 3D for 3 days.”

“The genome read by scientists is not the human genetic code. The Tzolkin, given to us by our universal ancestors is the human code and it will forever come naturally through the womb of the mother, automatically, and beautifully as a child.”-Time is DNA page 17

The Body Holon

We pulse to the LEFT EYE and FACE and Red Dragon, the analog, is the right eye and face. This is essentially THE BRAIN and indeed, tyrosine is a brain chemical. Synchronicity. Tone 5 pulses to the voice, C5, the voice chakra and that is in synchronicity with TONE 5 and communication and the GForce White Wind. We have the sextile between Mercury and Chiron in 3D so that is in synchronicity also with the vibe today.

TYROSINE is an essential component for the production of several important brain chemicals called neurotransmitters, including epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. Neurotransmitters help nerve cells communicate and influence mood. Tyrosine also helps produce melanin, the pigment responsible for hair and skin color.

The Earth Holon-ScR

The frequency is 7.58 @1:30pm EST and the amplitude is 7. Nothing is blowing up. Shucks.🙃😊

The 4D Time Portal is a Signal Kin at the solar plexus of earth–30°S–30°E on the east coast of South Africa.

Interplanetary Holon

Neptune is our mediating planet in the 4D Mayan Oracle and our ruling planet of Pisces in 3D. Sun, Moon and Neptune ARE IN PISCES~!

5 Neptune, Mars, and Venus, 9Saturn
  • The New Moon occurs early today–at 2:06 AM EST–in the sign of Pisces, and it’s a time for a new beginning or fresh start. We’re gathering the inspiration to take a leap of faith. With this potent Pisces energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives in the weeks ahead. We’re motivated to carve out time for peaceful and rejuvenating activities or to entertain a dream and perhaps share it with someone special.
  • With the Sun separating from an alignment with Saturn, we have our responsibilities in mind, but we’re also picking up steam in the faith or inspiration department.
  • Venus is at the very end of the sign of Pisces as this New Moon occurs–it enters Aries 50 minutes later–suggesting an ending in the social or financial department could power or drive our new beginnings.
  • Venus transits Aries from today until March 16th, and we are bold, fresh, and a little impatient regarding matters of the heart. We don’t look back–we’re not interested in saying sorry or dwelling on the past. Our desires are strong, and we express them spontaneously, enthusiastically, and directly. Our tastes are simple, but we can feel the need to fulfill them urgently in the weeks ahead.
  • Today’s sextile between Mercury and Chiron is strong for opening healthy dialogues. We approach problems holistically, and our problem-solving skills are high. This transit brings subtle but enhancing energy for communications.

From, time passages, and Lisa

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