Those Who ‘Master’ Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology Will Be ‘Master of the ‘World’: Klaus Schwab

Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum and likely in the ICC, the International Corporate Conglomerate that meets in our local system and controls Earth’s C%^&$

Sure, if you’re deluded by patriarchy and have no respect for the natural processes of Earth that can wipe you out as a little mammal.

But the Mother-mistress of REAL INTELLIGENCE that for a million years has automatically grown a human being in her body will remain transcendent as the vehicle for bringing SOULS onto the planet that can become ONE with their Creator if they choose. Males can’t do that. Women always will, and males are supposed to protect that system, not seek to replace or destroy it.

The Red 10 Planetary Dragon has a story as the antipode. He’s got Draco in him or is a Draco. His Guide Power as well; Blue 10 Planetary Storm. He’s adding to the weather front for sure.

He’s just a Venusian Blue 10 Planetary Monkey on the 10~4 pulse. Money is a BIG deal if you’re in shadow. That’s all he sees. There is quite a bit of Earth money magic in both of these oracles.

Schwabs’ mother

His mother

When Erika Epprecht was born on 31 December 1906, in Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland, her father, Friedrich Epprecht, was 15 and her mother, Elisabeth, was 15. She had at least 1 son with Eugen Wilhelm Schwab.

She immigrated to Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1960. In 1935, at the age of 29, her occupation is listed as versicherungsangestellte (Bankimg and insurance) in Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland. His mother worked for the SWISS BANK. There is likely a story there as well for him to rise to the position that he did.

His mother was Blue 7 Resonant Hand also with Blue Storm Guide Power, so she was some type of healer/magician/occult practitioner. Schwabs’ grandparents had her when they were 15, so that is very odd. It doesn’t sound like Erika was married to Schwabs father, Eugen. She was 32 when she had Klaus.

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