Live Feed on Twitter Regarding Chinese Intervening in our Skies

I listened for about an hour, ⁹but it was mostly drama from male authorities who were speculating and hand wringing. They were very irrational responses based on speculation and denial about how long all world governments have been dealing with UFOs. They are real and not balloons!

Also, all of the sources cited are MSM, so not to be trusted. And it’s 99% men dominating as authority. What a joke.

These so-called authorities are still whipped by the Feds and MSM. So… we all need to use our own intuition right now.

The majority of shootdowns have been over Lake Michigan and Lake Huron by our military. The vibe here in Michigan is very good today, and I’m holding sacred space for all I’ve blogged on for the last four days before any of this happened with China. Our helpers ARE securing the new timeline FOR US, and those who can not take the ascension energies over the next year or two will struggle or leave. I and thousands of others have been teaching now for 3 years, so you’ve had a heads-up.

My inuition is that the Watchers are securing our new timelines for ascension in the cosmic grid that bridges 3D and 4D, and the Chinese are trying to sabotage it, possibly with U.S. government, C@#$% complicit with them as the C…. is global. They are Satanic and will not succeed.

🙏 Lisa T.

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