Lake Michigan-DOD Shoot down of…what?

Where you see the cross in the middle of the lake, I lived just on shore on Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, MI from 1995 to 1998. Then we moved north a bit to Torch Lake and had Alex. I had pivotal times up there.

This is crazy to look at. I hung out on that beach just on shore all the time and have it etched in my mind. It was just a walk down from my house among the cherry orchards. This was my home for 3 years, where this took place.

The irony is, I talked on the phone to Harry in Ohio this morning, and they also shot something down over Lake Huron by Northern OH, Akron. I heard that this afternoon. We didn’t know about it.

I started off the conversation by saying how much I have to adjust my therapy and blogging for the needs of patients and our current situation. I can hardly keep up! Harry has to do the same thing with his mindset counseling and tweeting. We’re doing the same thing , and he said, “We are NOT going back. We are not going back to the way it was!” He never says stuff like that. I said, “Well, we’re going straight into our future now.”

Honestly, I’ve been working for them (our helpers) since 1990. Maybe they’re following me to make sure I have the correct coordinates for you folks. I’m not working for anyone else on this planet than The Watchers and the Maya on behalf of humans. God bless all Earth DNA species.🥰🙏

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