If I Receive a Visit in My Backyard…

It’s a riot that I’ve gotten 6 views on this in an hour. Because you know I’m serious. No way would nefarious ones could come to me. I’d have their heads on a platter. But the good ones, I’d be thrilled to talk to them and share it. I think we’re all humanoid anyway. They are family. We have shared DNA.


I promise to blog it and try to take a picture. Lol. 3 things.

1. I’m sure it would be at night and they would be cloaked invisible.

2. They would wake me up in a dream first, and I’d go look out back. I’ve actually woken up and looked out back about 5 times. Maybe I just didn’t see them?

3. I’m pretty sure they would have a good reason. I promise I won’t abandon my followers and get on the ship with them. Not yet anyway. 😆

We need real pictures of them, don’t you think?

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