Part of the Sun Has Dislodged

Look back to my post 2 days ago. The plasmasphere is analogous to or IS a tzolkonic Methionine START CODON.

What is the Sun followers? Raise your ✋️. Lol

The STOP CODON. The Psi Bank, the Tzolkin, the ionosphere, has seeded the NEW SEQUENCE FOR OUR NEXT EVOLUTIONARY LEAP. Start codon, stop codon. Here we go!

Folks…I hope you are on the beam, on board, meditating, and at peace with YOUR BODYMIND because it’s here.

The new frequencies are going to hit us slowly, in our dreams, and in our bodies. Stay positive and, for God’s sake, drink water and eat whole foods. Beware negative talk or complaining. It will bounce right back to you.

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