TIME is Manifested Spacetime for the purposes of Evolution as DNA life forms. Time is DNA.

Our bodies are ONE with spacetime

We’ve got to drop the myth that the clock keeps accurate track of the rotation of the earth and then its rotation around the sun. It’s no more accurate than the belief that the earth is flat.

Time is not a division of space, the 360-degree circle, and the 365-day calendar. These are ancient relics from the past to keep our minds enslaved so that we would function as “time is money” slaves for the elite. They got away with it because of the Tiamat blowup but the agreement with Earth as an evolutionary sphere for us, is conditional on the collective reaching a tipping point in consciousness. We are at the juncture and so is the Earth’s ability to hold and correct our error, or more aptly, the elite’s error that created the asteroid belt.

Time is not money anymore than the earth is flat, or the belief that humans are the only species in the grand universe of billions of planets. We are co-creators with the Creator or All That Is, at least we have the potential to be. We’ve been making that choice for the last three years. Sick-care is money. You need to be sick for them to profit from you so they are going to find something or hex it into you with their “talk” of dis-ease. Our bodies are not money, therefore, Time is not money. Time is Evolutionary DNA and we have rights and authority given to us as an evolving species but we have to exercise those right and response-ABILITIES, not react. Intelligent response is the not the same as visceral reaction.

  • 1. Who is the authority over our body?
  • 2. Who cares about our body?
  • 3. Who is competent about our body?
  • 4. Of what is our body really composed?
  • 5. WHAT is our body in truth?


  1. We have the ultimate authority over our own body, but we have to speak up and exercise our free will. WHEN WE DO WE INITIATE A POWERFUL UNIVERSAL CONTRACT protecting human beings FREEWILL. But you have to speak up and say NO or YES and mean it! This contract applies to all parents, all adults with children, all older children with younger children (bullying), all health care practitioners with ALL humans, the Greys, the Reptilians, the Draco, and more. The Universe has your back if you speak up.

2. Hopefully, you speak well and do well for your own body. I’ve worked in holism for 23 years. If you are hurting your own body-mind with your own conduct, you are attracting mistreatment from others with the frequency you set up. You start by VICTIMIZING YOURSELF, such as addiction. That gets the energy going and the law of attraction kicks in. That’s what you attract. Watch your feelings, thoughts, and words that come out of your mouth, about yourself. You are programming yourself. THEY ARE LITERAL AND MANIFEST IN 3D.

3. The people competent in knowledge about the body-mind tend to be professionals, but as we know, there is a wide spectrum based on their education. You need to research them yourself and talk to others. Get referrals, and don’t hesitate to get a second opinion. My patients have been extremely consistent in giving me reports on chiropractors, massage therapists, P.T., orthopedic docs, P.A., and M.D. Email me with a question if you wish. They are a mixed bag. And of course, you know your own body and how it feels.

4. BONES DON’T HURT. Tissue and organs hurt because the nerves run through them or they are out of alignment. The Mind, breath, Tissue, blood, and organs rule the body and heal the body. End of story. Bones, joints, and discs are at the bottom and don’t need to be cut or pushed unless you’re in a smash up accident. I have corrected and cured patient trauma and pain for 23 years focusing on connective tissue and QI as well as nutrition and water. The docs are incorrect. Our healthcare system paradigm is severely flawed. I don’t think I really need to tell you that. Drop health insurance and pay cash for a professional holistic practitioner, and practice wellness, unless you look forward to death. Many people do and I’m the last person to judge them. To each his own. Holism is for those that love life and honor it and believe in the power of their own mind and Nature.

5. In truth, our bodies are time. Every one of your billions of cells has a positive and negative charge, polarity, electrons, protons, and neutrons. This is 3D, 4D, and 5D manifested in intelligent form as your body. It is QI, KI, or PRANA. The details of how our bodies are DNA is in my book, “Time is DNA” and the thousands of blog posts on here that you are welcome to read.

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