The Plasmasphere is part of the Ionosphere, which is our PSI BANK. Let’s have a Look.

Time is Art. This is how I feel aboit the Earth, and how astronomy makes me feel…stars and gravity and coming down to the ground in the body. Sara is Yellow 4 Star


STRANGE TIDES IN THE PLASMASPHERE: Tides are one of the oldest phenomena known to physics. Ocean waters rise and fall like clockwork in response to the gravitational pull of the sun and Moon. There’s nothing surprising about tides.

Yet, researchers studying tides have just found a big surprise. There are tides in Earth’s plasmasphere, and they are very strange. The discovery was published in the Jan 26th edition of Nature Physics.

It looks like Red Moon tribes gate with the hole through the middle. And it’s red like blood and like the tribe archetype. Synchronicity.

The plasmasphere is a lopsided donut of cold plasma inside Earth’s magnetic field. It is created by leakage from the top of Earth’s atmosphere (the ionosphere). The outer surface of the plasmasphere is called “the plasmapause”–and that is where the tides have been found. (PSI Bank leakage. It’s leakage of time because the timelines are changing. It’s no different than the fluids in your body changing as YOU change your life, water diet, feelings, thoughts. They’re all manifested)

Lisa’s comment-plasma is a huge part of our blood. In holism, all over the world, blood is Qi or Prana with ELM charge of electrons and protons. The patterns are delineated in the Tzolkin because they are in our amino acid proteins, which are in our BLOOD). I think this is a Psi Bank mind bleed, letting go of memory of the past, the AC strand. Or a recalibration of Kin9, Red 9 Moon coming up. My mind feels like it bled after the last three years! Who we were as a society is gone. We can only let it bleed and go forward. We can’t go back in time… like Turkey and Syria. It’s the ancient past. This is pulsing with my post on the earthquake and the Red Dragon timelines, I Ching, and new cycles all lining up. This is another Tzolkonic event appearing in the PSI Bank. What will be next? The asteroid belt turning to dust because Tiamat’s dreamspell (It’s Psi Bank) will be absorbed into Earth’s crystal core, Earth’s Library? You heard it hear first. Then the earth changes will really come quickly because the karma will manifest from the Maldekians who decided to grab power and used the sun to do it.

I have listed a correlation between all the kin of HF33 and HF3. As I discussed in recent posts, especially with the lemniscate of HF33, we are pulsing off the ALPHA POINT 33:11:1:131, Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey.

What is plasma in humans/animals?

Blood is composed of solid and liquid components. The solid part contains white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets — about 45 percent of the total blood volume. The remaining 55 percent is plasma, the liquid component. Though it makes up more than half of this vital fluid, it is often overlooked. Plasma plays many important roles, including carrying the solid blood components throughout the body.(It’s our feelings, which is RED MOON METHIONINE, the START CODON in a DNA sequence. Red Moon is universal feelings and tied to our moon and lunar cycles.)

“We can think of the plasmapause as the surface of a ‘plasma ocean’ surrounding Earth,” says one of the lead authors Quanqi Shi of Shandong University. “Using a 40-year database of satellite observations, we report the first identification of lunar tides on the surface of this plasma ocean.”

It is not surprising that Moon’s gravity would stretch and modulate the shape of the plasmasphere. After all, the plasmasphere is made of matter, and matter responds to gravity. But the response is not what the researchers expected.

Shi explains: “Interestingly, the lunar plasmaspheric tide forms a few percent bulge that is offset 90 degrees ahead of the Earth-Moon axis, which is significantly different from the high tide in Earth’s liquid oceans.” This inexplicable offset was verified by nearly 36,000 plasmapause crossings by various spacecraft over almost four solar cycles from 1977 to 2015.

This looks EXACTLY like Red Moon archetype.

Above: Sample images of the plasmasphere taken by NASA’s IMAGE spacecraft (left) and China’s Chang’e-3 spacecraft (right). [extended caption] [source]

What’s going on?  The researchers aren’t certain, but they believe gravity and electromagnetism may have joined forces to produce a new kind of tidal effect.

Space physicists have long known that the Moon’s gravity affects winds in Earth’s ionized upper atmosphere. This means the Moon can actually modify electrical currents in the ionosphere, altering electromagnetic fields. The research team looked at data from NASA’s Van Allen Probes and found that, indeed, electric fields reaching up into the plasmasphere appear to be modulated by lunar tides. Computer models suggest that these fields can shift the  bulge to a 90 degree offset position and explain its daily and monthly variations.

“Our discovery of this plasma tidal effect may indicate a fundamental interaction mechanism in the Earth-Moon system that has not been previously considered,” says Shi. “Understanding this phenomenon could lead to better forecasts of space weather and improved safety for spacecraft and satellites.”

For more information about these strange tides, please read the team’s original research.

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