Upcoming Dimensional Unity for Ascension

I dreamed this so had to draw it. After I realized omega point HF33 was directly pulsing off of Alpha point HF12 and Omega point HF56 I had a vision of the lemniscate connecting all through the center of the Tzolkin on Kin 130; Blue 1 Monkey.

So I analyzed it and saw that;

My drawing below. Look bottom Left at HF30. It contains White 1 Magnetic Mirror which is the mirror archetype which is the holographic plate to reflect Bohm’s holomovement. This is Hx19 called APPROACH… which approaches the mystic column, the center of the Loom of Maya, the spine of the Binary Crossover Polarity and the Binary Triplet Configuration.

The infinity symbol is in the Center of the Tzolkin.
Look down the left hand side to White Mirror. Go over right to the numeral 1. It’s right next to 8 White Mirror in the Mystic Column.

Next we are in the mystic column where there is no electrical charges, no binary movement BUT we have 3D Hx4, Hx13, Hx7, and Hx49 in that column. Interesting that they are 4, 7, 13 and 49 adds up to 13. But HF33 is implicate 5D.

Then we have HF36~Hx33 Omega point at the top starting with Red 11 Dragon. When we get to the bottom of that 20 day cycle run that started with HF36 and the Omega point we hit the Alpha point in HF40~Hx56. That just keeps running into the new 260-day cycle.

  • 3D Hx33~4D HF36-Omega Point. HF 36, 37, 38, and 39 it’s winding back up.
  • 3D Hx56~4D HF40-Alpha Point-Off we go again until we hit…
  • 3D Hx12~4D HF52-Omega Point.

And 5D HF33-No 3D IChing, 5D alpha and omega points pulse together to create Dimensional Unity for Ascension. It’s in our spines, in our bodies.

So for this ancient Tzolkin period, most of the timeline movement is on the left, male assertive side. My guess is that as evolution makes a leap the astronomical lineups and the physics will change markedly as well as our bodies and we’ll probably have a new Tzolkin coming through or brought here by an E.T. species, just as the Maya left this one on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Everything changes all the time. We can count on it.

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