I Had a Download on HF33 and the Dimensional Pivot Point between 3D and 4D

HF33 is solid green in the center. No IChing Hx.
This is a 2D image of The Tzolkin Harmonic Code that governs SpaceTime.
In 3D it governs ALL DNA in our Local System. The IChing patterns are 3D and the Tzolkin is 4D+. The I Ching are the Trigrams on here.

You can check out PAN-BG.com. or LawofTime .org for more in-depth explanation of the image. The Dreamspell kit is also on Amazon, I believe. My book Time is DNA adds a huge new layer though.

The pivot point is Kin 117 to 144. It consists of 27 days where everything can pivot in a big way and I mean everything. Let’s pray it’s gradual.

For about a week I’ve been receiving prompts about the sprocket between 3D and 4D time to get the timing correct on when we should watch for the the weather fronts or earth changes to occur.

The location of events on Earth will give us a good heads up. From there, we would just need to keep an eye on the Fourth Dimensional time shifts in the Tzolkin. The key starting point is 3D Omega Hexagram 33, which governs Harmonic 36 in the 4D Tzolkin. This IChing Hx is called Retreat. It pulses to HF30, it’s inverse HF.

If you open to page 61 of my book, Time is DNA,” you see it highlighted in blue because HF36 is a big deal. TAA is a stop codon and governs the harmonic. The polarity charges reverse here during kin 141-160. It’s the first 20-day cycle after HF33 and the Mystic Column.

Also, if you turn to page 97 of “Time is DNA,” I highlighted the issue in yellow. This is the only HF with TAA as its nucleotide and it pulses to the alpha point 33:11:1:131, Blue 1 Monkey, which is in HF33. HF36 starts the 8th harmonic run and possibly the 8th weather front, which I posted on. You can search on “8th Weather Front”. On the image below, imagine an infinity symbol or a double helix between Yellow 3 Sun, Blue 1 Monkey, and Red 11 Dragon. The center implicate 4D vortice is Blue 1 Monkey, and 3D is joined to it by Hx19 and Hx33 omega points.

Look down to the bottom row of Yellow Sun and across to 3 Yellow Sun. Then look at the Red Dragon top row right to 11 Dragon. They are Hidden Wisdom to each other are the EXACT pivot point around THE CENTER MYSTIC COLUMN.

The 3D location ON EARTH is 30°S–60°S and 0-45°E longitude, so it looks like the White Mirror Tribe Time portal on the South African Coast-East. This is a signal kin, so it is synchronous that we should look for signals there. The next kin is Blue 2 Storm and the IChing Hx governing HF30 is Hx19. The Blue Storm time Portal is just south of the White Mirror Time portal at 60 degrees south–75 degrees East off of the South Kerguelan Islands south of Australia.

HF14-HF36 moves from one omega point to the other in the calendar. HF 14 starts the White 52-day cycle. HF27 begins the Blue 52-day cycle which ends with HF39 so it runs close to 104 days.

I just saw that at the end of HF30, we have Yellow 3 Sun whose Occult Wisdom is Red 11 Dragon, which is the kin that heads up the 8th harmonic run, kin141. There we have the pivot point. It also looks highly significant to me that HF36 Inverse Harmonic is HF30 which comes right before HF31 which begins the mystic column.

They are each other’s inverse harmonic of course. As I look at these 2 harmonics next to each other in my Tzolkin Book the 5GForces are analog to one another!

Ok, HF30, Kin 118 is White 1 Magnetic Mirror featured in Time is DNA on page 130-133. Please open your books and read those pages slowly. (Ummm, LOOK at that synchronicity. My page numbers MATCH the kin numbers of HF33. NOT intended folks. I just saw it.) This is the holographic plate to reflect Bohm’s holomovement in the Signal Family. The Mirror archetype would be cosmic Tyrosine, free-floating and bioavailable around us.

White 1 Mirror is also called 1Flint, the 5th Sun which we are going into. It was also 1/11/2017 or 1:11 gateway. It was also 11:11 that I saw on my car clock the day Michael Daly (my boyfriend) died, then the synchronicity started fast for me and then his Memorial service happened on White 1 Mirror which my birthday fell on on 4/16/2016! So the Universe was really giving it to me straight. I was supposed to focus on this work and I am.

This whole section of my book, pages 130-133 explains the bipolarity spin that creates the pivot point in our DNA cells, in every cell of our bodies. The formula I came up with is on page 133. I remember doing it with the white board in my bedroom. Please read it slowly and feel free to ask any questions.

We need to pay more attention when we hit Kin 117-144 which is 115 days away; May 30, 2023 which happens to be my Guide Power; Red 13 Cosmic Earth, Big time synchronicity guiding me. It will be an interesting end of Spring over a 27 day period.

Once we hit these kin I will give you a heads up on the daily Reading post.

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