Blood for the Gods: 10 Cultures that Engaged in Ritual Sacrifice | Ancient Origins

The Egyptians and 9 others. Notice the archtype of the serpent, a reptile as in Reptilians.

I’m sharing this only as information that can inform the context of these times we’re in. We didn’t get here by accident. Blood sacrifice has been normal in many cultures in ancient history. They are discussed here. The Maya were just one, but it’s blamed the most. Why? To denigrate how great they were, and accurate about Time.

It was murder and they considered it a necessary ritual. For most, and me, this is unnecessary and unacceptable today, but that’s how our civilization developed.

Murder is still quite common today. Sanctioned murder is, of course, war, organized by the military for what real purpose? It’s a big secret. There is no political gain of people dying when parties just need to communicate. “Oh, let’s kill a few million people for fun before we sit talk and talk it through.”. No. There is some other purpose.

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