True Time Update for Friday-Red 1 Magnetic Dragon

Today we begin a new 260-day cycle, a new 52-day cycle, as the court of birth that initiates Seed, a new 13-day cycle that is the power of birth, and a new HF1 that is self-existing input informing the flowering of form as we move toward Yellow 4 Seed by Monday.

Who is the god of dragons in mythology?

Shenlong, “god dragon” or “divine dragon”,i s a spiritual dragon from Chinese mythology who is the master of storms (Our 5GForce today, Blue 13 Storm) and also a bringer of rain. He is of equal significance to other creatures such as Tianlong, the celestial dragon.

Our body is evolving from the right eye and the right ankle joint today. The I Ching Hx governing us is 1; The Creative. On the timeline we’re absorbing the Prehistoric Past on the AC strand, Stage 1, The Deep Past.

The amino acid cysteine is evolving. Cysteine is a non-essential amino acid important for making protein, and for other metabolic functions. It’s found in beta-keratin. This is the main protein in nails, skin, and hair. Cysteine is important for making collagen.

3D and 4D Synchronicity

We are mediated in 4D by Neptune 3X and pulsing are Saturn and 13 Pluto as it was yesterday at the Stop Codon. IN 3D we are ruled by Uranus as the Aquarius Sun.

  • The Moon spends the day in careful Cancer.
  • However, a Sun-Uranus square can destabilize some parts of our lives temporarily, or it can highlight problem areas that already exist. Changes we make now may feel out of character or abrupt. Disrupted routines and plans are likely, and while they can be unsettling at first, they can also stimulate the adoption of new approaches. Our strong desire for independence or to break the rules could impair our judgment. Even so, if we’re willing to learn from our mistakes, we might adopt a more mindful approach to making necessary changes. We should watch for irresponsibility in our rebellions and guard against temperamental behavior and decision-making. Disruptions can pull up buried frustrations, which we should probably examine more closely–it can certainly be a time to learn something new about ourselves.
  • (We see tension between 3D Uranus and 4D 13 Yellow Sun). It’s potentially a stressful day.


Blue 13 Cosmic Storm, kin 39, yesterday’s analog support

“I endure in order to catalyze. Transcending energy I seal the matrix of self generation with the cosmic tone of presense. I am guided by the power of abundance. I am a GAP kin. I spin for for 3 solar days.

Earth Holon

Amplitude power is 7.8
Yuja Wang

Time is ART. She spends her time doing what she loves and is magnificent doing it. She is Yellow 11 Spectral Star kin. She dissolves for her art. At 11:25 is the very beautiful 2nd movement. You may want to start there. This is 35 minutes long.

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