Mayan Reading for Thursday, 2/2/23. We Are at the End of This 260-Day Cycle

This is an upload to galactic Center FROM US AND ALL LIFE, through the sun, to the universe. How are the kids doing? We are all babies in a crib folks being tended to.

Also, the antipode kin for the last 2 days and next 2 days will be HF33!; 12Moon, 13 Dog, 1Monkey, 2Human. This phenom is occurring in HF65 (the last 4 days) crossing over to HF1!!. I just saw it yesterday. These are implicate order 5D kin so it sprockets our 3 and 4D to 5D as we begin a new Galactic spin. You heard it here first.

This is the end of IChing Hx2; The RECEPTIVE as we start a new 260-day cycle tomorrow. Tomorrow we are in IChing Hx1: The Creative which sort of tells you how humans have evolved to live; receptively and creatively which overall we are when we aren’t competing and fighting and saying nasty things about ourselves and each other. Be a good neighbor. That’s what we value in Michigan anyway.

Kin that are 13 Sun are: Robert Todd Lincoln (President’s son), Jim Parsons (Sheldon) and Albert Einstein.

Body/Mind Evolution Holon

Did we enlighten or get enlightened in the past 260 days? Did we transcend what life handed to us? I did. This is a GAP kin and spins in 3D for 3 days IN TIME. In all DNA this is 13 Stop Codon.
13Pluto, 13 Pluto, 13Jupiter, 13Mercury, 1Neptune

Pluto is the transfer station in Time for evolutionary status reports sent on to galactic center. Also, we are guided by 13Jupiter to see if we need more DNA seed packets or SOULS for Earth. 13Mercury is 5D in this case and the Trinity so our spiritual health is another report. And the Hidden Wisdom is tomorrow’s theme in HF1 as we begin again from the Red Dragon born. This is a profound turn about.

The 5GForce is Yellow 1 Magnetic Sun, Kin40 which is 220 kin from today.

“I UNIFY in order to enlighten. Attracting life I seal the matrix of universal fire with the magnetic tone of purpose. I am guided by my own power doubled.”

Earth Holon Status-ScR-Earth Changes

The amplitude of our 7.70 frequency at 10am EST is still 62

3D and 4D Synchronicity between Astrology and the Oracle

SUNSPOT COUNTS HIT A 9-YEAR HIGH: In a continued sign of strength for Solar Cycle 25, sunspot counts just hit a 9-year high. This plot from NOAA shows how the monthly sunspot number skyrocketed in January 2023:

The monthly sunspot number of 144 in January 2023 was only percentage points away from topping the previous solar cycle, Solar Cycle 24, which peaked in Feb. 2014 with a monthly value of 146.

Originally, forecasters thought Solar Cycle 25 would be about the same as Solar Cycle 24, one of the weakest solar cycles in a century. Current trends suggest Solar Cycle 25 will surpass that low threshold, at least. Solar Maximum is not expected until 2024 or 2025, so it has plenty of time to strengthen further, bringing X-flares, geomagnetic storms and auroras. You can follow the progression here.

Realtime Space Weather Photo Gallery
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It looks like boiler plate stuff to me with our planets in Capricorn getting the job done.

  • The Moon continues its transit of Cancer all day, and we’re primarily concerned with our feelings and attachments. This Moon encourages us to center ourselves and let go of overthinking. Home, family, and familiar settings or situations appeal more than usual now. Still, a gentle challenge can be beneficial.
  • Venus forms a sextile to the true North Node of the Moon, facilitating cooperation and positivity in our social lives. We want to grow and improve and may draw in situations that help us do just that.
  • Pluto is in Capricorn
  • Jupiter is in Aries
  • Mercury is in Capricorn
  • Neptune is in Pisces

From and Time Passages

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