I Posted This Timeline Two Years Ago on Feb. 7, 2021. See Below

Today is February 2, 2023, Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun. Let’s see where we are now at the end of this Galactic Spin.

HF14, the first OMEGA POINT in the Tzolkin is only 52 days away starting tomorrow. The 3D date is March 27, 2023. It is the end of the 52-day cycle called the Red Eastern Castle of Turning. Then we hit the White Northern Castle of Crossing on March 27, 2023.

So…What is different from two years ago? Everything

  • Covid has been found out for the scamdemic that it was
  • Institutionalized lockdowns from the WHO are being slammed but they are trying to do it (See Brownstone Institute post today)
  • The public schools are being boycotted
  • MSM didn’t manage to assassinate Trump or stop him. He’s running for office.
  • Studies have piled up proving natural immunity is sovereign and masks are dumb.
  • Gates is backtracking
  • Musk is a Twitter puppet but much of Twitter has been reigned in
  • Very smart people have proven that this was an artificial virus
  • The left wing c$%^& is cracking
  • Hollywood is demanding the vaxx, way out of step with society
  • Social media is being sanctioned and taken over
  • The CCP has it’s back up against the wall
  • The stock market is in question. Which way are we headed with our money? I has not been decided but it will be by next month.
  • The science community is in disarray
  • Who stills believes in cataclysm teaching? Probably too many. It’s B.S.
  • The fear-mongering is now being done by the E.T. awareness community.
  • We are in Solar Cycle 25 moving to Solar Maximum in 2025 which is just maximum sunspots, not a solar flash.
  • noun: solar maximumthe period in the sunspot cycle when solar activity is highest and sunspots are most abundant.”his latest batch of images capture flares and spots on the sun as it goes through its solar maximum”

The next Alpha Point is HF40, Kin 157, Red 1 Earth and a new 52-day cycle, the Yellow Southern Castle of Giving, I Ching Hx56

AND SO IT GOES. We’re just going to continue on evolving and improving our health, our bodies and our relationships just as we have over eons. Evolution is a long slog. If a cataclysm does come to certain regions of earth it’s because it’s INHABITANTS on the whole had that mindset and attracted it to them. So don’t hang with those people if you want to live. The people where I am want to live. We can’t predict a regions mindset. You have to use your intuition in your own region.


I found another piece. So, there are two Omega points or ENDING points in the Tzolkin with regard to a major cycle. We are currently in the first OMEGA point which will end tomorrow. The Next big move is the ALPHA point which will occur in 45 days or MARCH 24; HF26. Phew. According to the Tzolkin, that is when the s… is really going to hit the fan meaning it will be the beginning of the End of Society as we know it and most likely D.C. and our government as we know it.

This goes with Map 43 on the previous post.

We are in Hx48-49 right now. Jose says above that this will be the stormiest time period of all and will lead to the end of everything. This is why the Plan to end the D.S. is taking so long. It’s an ancient cancer on the human family.

Hx 48-49 is HF 13 and 14 on the Tzolkin. We’re in HF 14 AS WE SPEAK so it was a big synchronicity that I found this today. I had not read this page. HF 14 ends tomorrow.

The last storm he speaks of happens during Hx 56-57 which takes us forward in time to HF40 which is only about 100 days from today or about 14 weeks. It’s the second OMEGA point or ending point of another cycle beginning of May, 2021 and this nightmare should be over. We will then have a major stabilization of planetary conditions and a bio-psychic force field.

REVIEW of the Timeline

1st Omega point. We are ending a major cycle in HF14; I Ching Hx11- The ending started this last Friday on Feb. 5, 2021 and goes to March 24, 2021. We are winding things down AS WE’VE KNOWN THEM for probably thousands of years. I think everyone can feel it.

The only Alpha point in the Tzolkin is March 24 in HF26, I Ching 60 and goes to the 2nd Omega Point. It’s the beginning of the destruction.

2nd Omega point. It’s the end of the destruction and a NEW BEGINNING, better than ever life on the surface. This is the beginning of May 2021. It’s HF36, I Ching Hx33.

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