Mayan Daily Reading-Rhythmic Movement

We move into a new HF64 today with Red 6 Skywalker; Solar output, Express the intelligence of intention as we move toward Yellow 9 Warrior; Intelligence.

We are in Stage III of the Timeline on the CA past to present strand pulsing on MEMORY of the Ancient World, hieratic pristine. This is I Ching Hx23; Splitting Apart.

The inverse Harmonic is HF2 containing today’s Hidden Wisdom, Yellow 8 Star.

The 5GForce is Kin47; Blue 8 Galactic Hand

“I harmonize in order to know. Modeling healing I seal the store of accomplishment with the galactic tone of integrity. I am guided by the power of magic.”

Earth Holon

The frequency is 7.5 and amplitude is 7 so it is below normal.

3D and 4D Synchronicity

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon spends the day in assertive, direct Aries. (In sync with our THEME, analog, and Guide Power mediated by Mars, Aries ruler.)
  • However, Venus moves into the sign of Pisces today for a stay until February 20th. (In sync with our Hidden Wisdom Yellow Star mediated by Venus.)
  • This transit brings sweet but sometimes escapist energy to our lives, especially our interactions and relationships.
  • Venus in Pisces is tender and affectionate, although difficult to reach, as there is a longing for something hard to define and satisfy. (I am Venus in Pisces)
  • Borders and boundaries blur under this influence. The shadow side of this position can involve evasiveness and avoidance. Otherwise, it’s a time for increased compassion and greater understanding. We’re opening our minds to different pleasures and pastimes in the weeks ahead.


Also the Axis of the Eternal Present over 33 Vertebra

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