First Peer-reviewed Paper on UFO Materials

I’m not sure any of this is accurate or sincere. See what you think. Academia tends to hold up c!@#$ narrative.

Maybe he is a SPIN artist for the disclosure narrative to keep it in their control. I haven’t finished watching it yet but they are already admitting they care about what other people think. And there is plenty of male ego being thrown around. No intuition here. These people love their paycheck and reputation and spent their lives not taking risks.

It seems to me we’re too often unwilling to admit that UFOs could be both nuts-and-bolts machines from another planet AND ethereal paranormal things from another dimension, OR neither of these, but simply the least popular view: UFOs are machines created by humans on Earth (with or without non-human help), capable of altering human perceptions.

First Peer-reviewed Paper on UFO Materials

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