A Refresher on the Tzolkin Clans

I organized this better for you of you want to look at it again. This is also how the 4D Earth Holon lines up as well as far as position on the planet. The Polar kin time portals are at the N. Pole and then on down the earth as far as latitude vertically.

The Tzolkin Clans

Don’t confuse this with 3D ICHING hexagram locations on earth. The dynamic starts to get complicated but 3D Astrology merges exactly with the Mayan Oracle. Have an astrologer do your chart and then I can do a Mayan Oracle chart. Then you map synchronicity every day.

Which Clan are you in? As Red Skywalker I am in the Truth Clan which is obvious by the way I write on here. Also notice your Chromatic on the top line. These colors form the aurora borealis which is the light emanation of the Tzolkin. Starting from the left, the Yellow chromatic is led by Yellow Sun whose job is enlightenment and Christ consciousness. All the tribes below follow their lead.

Red Chromatic is heavily about DNA evolution, blood memory, survival and Maldekian karma. The Red Serpent Reptilian people are a force to be reckoned with, strong leaders and not all bad. Only some went rogue. Their mediating planet is an asteroid belt so…nothing is easy here. The tribes below follow their lead. White World Bridger more than the other ones below have struggles with Maldekian karma from the blow up.

White Chromatic is led by Mercury, White Dog, love and loyalty. Our standards of conduct are ridiculous. There is no way everyone can please us so we should not expect it. We are a different sort with a mission on the planet, usually introverts but end up in the public eye leading. We seem like freaks, very gifted, all 5 of those tribes, but we love our work. Don’t expect us to mince words. We already compromise constantly on this energy compressed planet.

The Blue chromatic people are indomitable and intelligent with magnificent vision. Blue Eagle from Jupiter leads and sets the tone for the Vision. These are the outer planet tribes; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. They are in a shake-up right now with the cosmic-solar cycle changes. Their atmospheres and storms are reversing. I don’t really want to think about what that might mean. The sky seems to be falling in the sky clan.

The clan TIME PORTALS are positioned on the planet at specific latitudes of 60°N, 30°N, 0°Equator, 30°S, and 60°S. Then earth is split into 8 plates over which the 64 I Ching Hexagrams are distributed 8 to a plate.

This also applies to positions on the body that relate to the chakras

The number on the hexagrams add up to 260 vertically and diagonally to pulse EXACTLY with the Tzolkin 260-day cycle. In this way, the solar cycle of 365 days and the Tzolkin cycle of 260 days sprocket exactly to keep the hologram in the Matrix aligned, thus our double strand DNA moving past-present at the same time in every cell of our bodies and IN THE EARTH. This is the synchronized movement of our own BODY HOLON and the EARTH HOLON. The issue right now though is, the earth is changing so quickly I can barely keep up. I can monitor the body and the interplanetary one though.

  • Polar is Crown of the head,
  • Cardinal is throat chakra,
  • Core is Heart chakra,
  • Signal is Solar Plexus chakra,
  • Gateway is Root chakra

The Fire Clan (Empath, Intuitive, and Psychic Info. Focused)

  • Yellow Sun-Polar
  • Red Dragon-Cardinal
  • White Wind-Core
  • Blue Night-Signal
  • Yellow Seed-Gateway

The Blood Clan (Family and Ancestry Focused)

  • Red Serpent-Polar
  • White World-Bridger-Cardinal
  • Blue Hand-Core
  • Yellow Star-Signal
  • Red Moon-Gateway

The Truth Clan (Telling the Truth and Free Will Focused) We’re the least popular.

  • White Dog-Polar
  • Blue Monkey-Cardinal
  • Yellow Human-Core
  • Red Skywalker-Signal
  • White Wizard-Gateway

The Sky Clan-(Intelligent, Vision, and Rebellion Focused)

  • Blue Eagle-Polar
  • Yellow Warrior-Cardinal
  • Red Earth-Core
  • White Mirror-Signal
  • Blue Storm-Gateway

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