Earth’s inner-core rotation is reversing! | Nature Geoscience (the nerdy Link is below)

This rotation has been inferred from temporal changes between repeated seismic (earthquake) waves that should traverse the same path through the inner core. Here we analyze repeated seismic waves from the early 1990s and show that all of the paths that previously showed significant temporal changes have exhibited little change over the past decade. This globally consistent pattern suggests that inner-core rotation has recently paused.

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South Sandwich Islands doublets going back to 1964 seem to be associated with a gradual turning-back of the inner core as a part of an approximately seven-decade oscillation, with another turning point in the early 1970s. This multidecadal periodicity coincides with changes in several other geophysical observations, especially the length of day and magnetic field. These observations provide evidence for dynamic interactions between the Earth’s layers, from the deepest interior to the surface, potentially due to gravitational coupling and the exchange of angular momentum from the core and mantle to the surface.

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The South Sandwich Island is the White Wizard Time Portal, the Tiamatian Goddesses, Ixchel. It’s a Gateway Kin; 60°S–15°W in the South Atlantic off of the South Sandwich Islands!

The simultaneous disappearance of the inner-core waveform temporal change along all paths in the recent decade (Figs. 2 and 3 and Extended Data Figs. 1–3) and the consistent pattern of the ddt measurements (Fig. 4 and Extended Data Fig. 4) strongly suggest a rigid body rotation of the inner core.

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Without the science terms, this sounds very esoteric. But it says, “THE DATA strongly suggest a rigid body rotation of the inner core.” And OUR information is that the inner core is a CRYSTAL. I haven’t heard that from them yet. I believe they say it’s hot iron ore. ?

This article is 17 pages long and very nerdy. I love it but you might not.

Multidecadal variation of the Earth’s inner-core rotation

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