The Binary Sunspot Cycle MANIFEST as Bipolar Psi Bank Calendar Matrix

After you read this, please keep it in mind when you listen to propaganda about the sun killing us. That’s like suggesting it’s natural for mothers to kill their children. Men kill children but it’s extremely rare for women to. So much of our violent world is a projection from the male psyche. I’m tired of the no love paradigm. Just lust, food, servitude and useage? Not in my female world.

The magnestosphere around the earth measured by the Scumann Resonance IS the Tzolkin. It is also called the Van Allen Belts after James Van Allen of the notorious Manhattan Project. I note him and Einsteins’ letter in my book “The Role of Intuition in the Scientific Method”.

It’s fluctuations affect time and thus the timelines as the two strands of the DNA double helix, the past to the present and the future to the present (AC/CA).

Earth Ascending map 31, page 97. Tiahuanaco is in the Andes mountains in Bolivia South America; the Gate of The Sun. 🌞 Note Tone 7 right in the middle under the Axis of the Eternal Present, The Mystic Column; our Spine.
Gateway of the Sun in Bolivia

Tiwanaku (Spanish: Tiahuanaco or Tiahuanacu) is a Pre-Columbian archaeological site in western Bolivia near Lake Titicaca, about 70 kilometers from La Paz, …

Location: Tiwanaku Municipality, ‎Bolivia

Founded: c. 110 AD?

Cultures: Tiwanaku empire

Tiwanaku Empire · ‎Gate of the Sun · ‎Puquina language

The Mayans and their MesoAmerican kin, through precise attunement and DEVOTION TO THE SUN and related celestial cycles, represent the terrestrial correspondence to but a single sunspot movement; the north equatorial one. The sunspots are binary, operating within thirty degree latitudes north and south of the equator, so we should anticipate a complementary bipolar solar calendar south of the terrestrial equator corresponding to the southern sunspot movement.

This south equatorial solar calendar is to be found on the Gate of the Sun in Boliva, South America, the chief feature of the site now known as Tiahuanaco, the mysterious high region of the Andes.

The South Equatorial Calendar is in Bolivia, The Gate of The Sun. Guatemala in Central America, home of the Maya is just north.

Similar to the 260-day calendar of the Mesoamerican civilizational pulse, the monumental stone-hewn site of Tiahuanaco has long baffled and mystified archeologists, giving rise to numerous fantastic theories. The principal reason for the mystery is the altitude of this site. At 12,596 feet above sea level, Tiahuanaco is unique among man’s architectural efforts. Little grows at this altitude, so the idea that Tiahuanaca is an urban center in the usual sense of the word presents problems.

However, if we consider Tiahuanaco as a hieratic solar research center, then its altitude makes more sense. The altitude, for an era predating satellites and rocket ships, is perfect for solar investigation, particularly if the chief tool of study is the finely tuned human organism. The results of the high-altitude solar investigations are carved into the monolithic Gate of the Sun, the single most outstanding artistic/scientific monument of Andean civilization. (This is in the Yellow Human Time Portal, a Core Kin, Equator–105°west, most appropriately as a monument to human achievement.)

The Tiahuanaco calendar emphasizes the larger rhythmic pattern of thirteen. Though comprised of twelve main units, the central figure counts for both one and thirteen, alpha and omega. Reading below this main figure to the left, we have, in alternating units figures two, three and four, the solstice. Returning in alternating manner are the figures five through nine, arriving at the next solstice figure, ten. A final return with figures eleven and twelve brings us again to the large Viracocha figure, thirteen.

It is to be noted that the seventh figure is directly beneath the central alpha and omega figure, signifying numbers 1 and 13. The central axis thus corresponds to the mystic column, the seventh of the thirteen columns in the Mayan calendar, which we see slipping down behind the head of the central Tiahuanaco figure. Like the central solar figure representing 1 and 13, these two numbers are at the very center of the mystic column. In the bipolar calendar matrix only thirteen units of the mystic column are visible, the other seven being within the central solar figure.

Finally, since it contains the matrix from which the binary triplet and the crossover polarity are derived, the bipolar calendar serves as an integral description of the holonomic code of time. What it also demonstrates in comprehensive manner is the way in which the key primary numbers seven and thirteen fit with binary progression figures and their multiples, including two, four, eight, twelve, and sixteen.

Jose Arguelles (today’s Hidden Wisdom) in Earth Ascending page 96

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