Michael Salla Interview of Clones and Black Navy Ops at Diego Garcia

Greys and Insectoid are acting nefarious…to be expected. Not all Insectoid E.T. are bad. Praying Mantis are not. The U.S. Navy has a black ops program that is involved with human trafficking.

He talks about the E.T. soul splitting technology that allows clones to be made. It reminds me of Voldemort’s borcruxes in Harry Potter. It’s ancient dark magic that our U.S. military uses; Luciferian.

Also remember that the ancient light magic is the mother protecting her child. That was in the movie also.

Mother’s can do soul retrieval for their child also since the child’s soul is one with her DNA in the Loom of the 13 Moons. They aren’t going to win as long as mother’s have children. It’s the unbreakable bond of the goddess. All life comes through the female from Galactic Center.

Ixcel, The Priestess of the Maldekian White Wizard tribe. White 3 Wizard is the Guide Power today for White 3 Dog.

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