What Stage of History on Earth Were You Born Into When You First Arrived?

I was in my upstairs office a week ago working on the fascinating timelines created by the linear order of the I Ching hexagrams that then merge with Tzolkin Harmonics so I’m examining how our 3D time space experience in a body on the planet interacts with our 4D time. It tends to be the center of your Mindset.

As you all know, we have each been born into a 4 day, 4 kin Tzolkin harmonic that many times contains another family member so you can keep the gates open for other family to come through into 3D. Not always, but many times that I’ve seen in 33 years.

This is assuming reincarnation. Your soul is timeless and has likely been coming to earth on a mission of karma or dharma many times since humans first came here. Our species is only 1 million years old versus the earth and her aboriginal DNA species being 14 billion years old. So we aren’t the best and brightest that have evolved here but we have turned out quite well so far. I’m partial to ancient forests and trees myself as far as species. Right now humans are scary to me because they are too programmable and fight or belittle intuition which is why they are too programmable. We live in a dangerous time until the bulk of humanity is self-generating and loses the drama.

Map33 in Earth Ascending; Psi Matrix Flow-Pattern as Template of Psycho-cultural Transformation Showing the Eight Stages of Holonomic Recollection (Memory)

For example, I was born in HF4 governed by IChing Hx 14 so I first came to earth in Stage II, PREHISTORIC AC timeline, concurrent aboriginal, aboriginal generative. It shows it on the left of the Map. That sure feels right. I’m more interested in our future than our past. Biospheric rootedness (holism) and protohieretic ritual order are attributes. There is an order to evolution and it cannot be toyed with to protect all species and the cosmic web, not just humans. I’m here helping with that.

My inverse harmonic is also Stage II Prehistoric-AC timeline, future to present. That means that what I’m here to learn or release came from the same Prehistoric time. I know what it is.

I would dare to guess that this is not the planet for newbies. We need earth veterans who know how things go down here, who can remember their past and their future and can help out with cleaning things up vibrationally.

Do you know which IChing Hx covers your birth harmonic? It’s in Table 2 in your HF box, the 3rd one over in my book “Time is DNA” which I hope you have by now. Then just look on the chart above and enlarge it.

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