The Tones of Creation

The 13 Tones of Creation

I have 40 pages done so far in the Next “Time is DNA” Book. It is epigenetic again and I really need a few scientists to seriously consider my hypotheses. I state right on the cover that it is hypotheses with data.

I need to create that in my personal frequency vortex and draw it to me when I’m ready. I haven’t done that yet because I don’t trust anyone in the system right now. The timing has to be right. I think things are dissolving right now but that will change by 2025.

That means I will have to over-stand the gender inequity reality in science that is entrenched in my experience and in my mind and millions of women’s minds and step on it and over it with a UNIVERSAL VIBE. If the universe has my back on this paradigm shift, then it has to happen in my lifetime. I’m open to receiving and true team of scientists to move this along for the sake of humanity. I don’t care what obstacles I face. My life has already been constant obstacles and I eat them for breakfast.

Obviously we need a new healthcare system and healthcare educational system that is based in anatomical fact, PHYSICS, and wholeness which is NATURE. The one we have now is done. It will not be tech or chemical based. It will not be A.I. based. It will not be ICC profit based. It will serve the true nature and true needs of humanity and that’s all there is to it. Otherwise I have no reason to be on this planet.

The Tones of Creation

Time is DNA- An Epigenetic Hypothesis with Data

Lisa K. Townsend

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The information contained in this book is based upon the research of the author only and the public contributions of those footnoted and in the bibliography. Archeological information from anthropological oracles is scientific but its interpretation calls for intuitive and rational analysis. This information is epigenetic, and the author wishes for contributions from the scientific community to aid in developing a holistic healthcare system that has integrity and covers the whole spectrum of human need and potential.

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