True Time Update for Red 2 Polar Moon Synchronicity-Sunday 1/22/23

It is finally snowing here and the earth has turn to cold crystal light.❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️☃️

We enter a new HF63 today; Overtone Process. Formulate your FREE WILL and be RADIANT. The 3D I Ching Hx is 24; Return/The Turning Point.

The Overarch DNA nucleotide is CTT-Leucine

The is Stage III, Ancient World History, Hieratic Pristine on the CA, past to present strand. These were our ancestors who were farmers. It was an agricultural civilization. There was economic and aesthetic UNITY. People hung together back in the day before tech and industrialization from A.I. ambitions had taken over and ruined human relationships with each other, nature, and the earth.

The 5GForce is Blue 12 Monkey, kin 51

“I dedicate in order to play. Universalizing illusion I seal the process of magic with he crystal tone of cooperation. I am guided by the power of abundance. I am a GAP kin in the Loom of the 13 Moons so I spin for 3 solar days.”

People who have this 5D birth kin; Madame Blavatsky, Dizzy Gillespie, Stephen King, John Travolta, Augusta Savage. Just Google them if you don’t know who they are. Pretty much all artists of some type.

3D and 4D Synchronicity

2Methionine, 2Aspartic acid, 2Cysteine, 2Tryptophan, 12Glutamic acid

Mercury moving direct mediates today. Just say it to whoever you need to say it to.

Also Neptune, Pluto and 12Earth are pulsing. That 12 Yellow Human pulse in the Hidden Wisdom subconscious position has people making separation from TOXIC family behaviors. Temporary cut offs need to occur to release the past. Just don’t decimate people or judge the older generation just because we are older than you.

Ok, folks, we now have Mercury, Mars and Uranus moving direct…and maybe Jupiter. Move out toxic energy and pivot positive.

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon spends the day in Aquarius, and Aquarian ruler, Uranus, stations and turns direct today.
  • Uranus has been retrograde since August 24th, and with its station, Uranian energy hangs heavy in the air this week. As the planet gains speed in the next few weeks, our urge to express our unique selves, take some chances or risks, rebel, listen to our instincts, and stir up change are reawakened or externalized.
  • Mercury forms a semi-square with Venus early today, and there can be minor misunderstandings or indecision. It’s not easy to concentrate or connect with our hearts. There can be irritating disconnects as we either rationalize our feelings or emotionalize our observations.
  • Venus aligns with Saturn later today, however, and we seek clarity. We’re more thoughtful about our attachments and affections.When it comes to finances and relationships, we may need to limit a pleasure or indulgence or sacrifice a material benefit for a spiritual one (or vice versa). Extravagances have a way of catching up with us, and buckling down is necessary. Still, we’re inclined to feel good about making a mature choice now. We may experience a new sense of realism in our relationships. It can also be a time for bonding more strongly with loved ones through the sharing of responsibility, concerns, or dilemmas. We might face reality about our finances, a personal belief, or a love/social matter. A commitment may be made, or there can be a “test” to an existing commitment.


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