People Need to Stop Denigrating the Sun!

In Michigan, we have had only one day of sun in over a month. Also 40’s and continual rain. January is always very sunny and frigid in the Midwest but the sun did not return this Winter Solstice, December 21, 2022.

And…I heard and read that people are sick of the family obligation at the holiday. I agree with that but you need to create individuation quickly and establish boundaries so you can pivot to a positive head space. It’s in my book Healer which refers to healing yourself.

That negative mass vibration toward family sullied Winter Solstice. There was no blinding sun on the mounds of pure white crystal snow!

I believe it’s due to this terrible negative mindset around here and the internet cataclysmists pouncing on SOLAR DEATH. Powerful voices like Corey saying “We’re all going to die.” I’m ashamed. He said that right around Christmas 🎄Well Merry Christmas to you too!

I suppose if you really want to CREATE a darkening, deadly Sun it will give it to you. It’s following our lead.

God humans, wake up! The artists need to take over because the muggles are sinking our ship.

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