Get Your Mindset Pivoted Pronto and Stop FOLLOWING Negative, Victimized Voices on the Internet

To be fair, most humans are very traumatized, especially those with a military history or a severe religious upbringing. I deal with them on the front line in my office daily for 23 years now and hear the stories, and then feel the vibe in their bodies!

Then they leave with eyes sparkling and a pivoted vibe. I did my job ecause I know how to pivot my own QI. Then I ask them to release the old Mindset and do not put the vibe back into their body. Slowly they get it. It’s not immediate.

We need to deliver this message firmly but lovingly to ourselves, friends and family. Well, your family is not God thankfully and stop treating them like the Almighty. It’s YOUR life. Forgive them their unhappy B.S. and get on with it.

Let it go. It’s all an illusion anyway. The Sun is our friend. Cancel cancel anyone or anything else. The sun ABSORBS our thoughts and feelings…8 billion of us. Get yourself aligned with what and who you love. A good starting place is WATER, whole foods, and minimizing MSM. Sit in the sun thankfully for your body and the Earth 🌎

Here is a positive voice on the planet. He is an 80 year old MAGICIAN/musician and has been on the scene a long time.


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