HF 33 is the Next Major Turnaround, This Summer

Evolution is progressive not regressive”

We have only three harmonics left in this 260-day cycle; about 2 weeks.

In HF33 Kin 130 is an Omega ending point and kin 131 is an Alpha point IN TIME. And HF33 has no 3D IChing Hx as we know. June 11, 2023.

Then HF36, IChing 33, the entire harmonic, is an Omega point. That’s a different matter because the hexagrams are earth holon 3D. The 4D kin in HF36 are 141-144; Red 11 Dragon, 12Wind, 13Night, and 1Seed. June 23, 2023

The next ALPHA POINT is HF40, Yellow Southern Castle of Giving, Red Earth Wavespell, kin 157, Red 1 Earth, July 9, 2023

The Matrix movies are a big freaking Hollywood c%^&*( hack of the natural Loom of the 13 moons Mayan Tzolkin. We need to keep pivoting the vibe back to nature and away from the A.I. machine world images in the movies.

We are talking about kin 130 in HF33, White 13 Cosmic Dog which is the gateway for J.C. and the Trinity to manifest in ALL DNA in our local system, not just on Earth. It already has manifested and the time accident on Tiamat foisted by Lucifer attempted to circumvent Christ DNA from getting into the human GENOME. Actually, probably local universe wide.

I’m sure you’re aware of the controversy around the suggestion that J.C. had children in 3D with Mary Magdelene which is suggested in another hack, the daVinci Code. Notice the word code.

13:20 is TIME, not space. Christ DNA got into us through TIME and then only our FREEWILL can actually manifest it into our 3D DNA. In otherwards, it doesn’t matter what your earth family members chose with regard to bonding to Christ Consciousness. Each person has to choose for themselves. That’s how the universe is set up.

He did not marry or leave children on the planet because he was a descended son of God, already ONE with him. It would not have worked. His vibration was so high that they would not have been visible.

As physics knows and I’ve said, the spin rate of every cell of our bodies is 40,000 miles per second so we are visible due to our intention to be here. But we can’t make ourselves invisible by slowing 🐌 down our spin rate, at least I can’t, yet. Lol.

We are in ascension in our evolution or Ascending children of God. It’s totally different.

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