Friday-How Do You Transcend Healing?

Blue 13 Cosmic Hand is about Transcending Healing. Burgess’s video is about Transcending in this Jupiter in Aries transit.

“Synchronicity happens every day to every body in the Matrix if you have eyes to see. If you don’t see you believe 3D illusion is true.”

Most people would be happy just to know they could heal anything in their body. I teach that and do it in office but the way humans are, they don’t believe it until it happens to them. They believe someone should do it for them. Even then, they question what they experience if it doesn’t fit in with what they believe or know. That happens a lot with Reiki.

People’s mindset is not accepting of wholeness in the body or their vibration lineup. Everyone is hypnotized by sick care thinking in pieces. It accepts partial and bad treatment from a doctor and if they feel guilty and feel they deserve to suffer. Sick care is an arm of the Church and State to keep people in death and addiction thinking, to keep the masses under control so they can profit from slave labor. Although, not as much anymore. People are waking up. At least the young people are.

If they feel better, it’s because they wanted to believe in what the doctor was doing because it fits in their Mindset. Thus he becomes a talisman, a magical object that persuaded the patient to feel better but not take responsibility for their own mind doing it. It’s a type of hypnotism or magic.

Our whole dimension is like that. We are hypnotized into believing this dimension is real and so it is, because we BELIEVE it. If enough people believe in something, it exists, it appears, they created it and it stays apparent until a majority of peoples’ minds drop out.

Do you see what is going on here? It seems we have to do it ourselves to believe it’s possible and to see it manifest.

We transcend healing by becoming self-generating and doing it ourselves. It is proactive. My book Healer teaches that we are all healers of ourselves. Others don’t heal us. Therapists just help and teach which is good. But your own mind has to pivot and understand QI. You control your own QI. No one else can change it for you.


Kin 53; Red 1 Skywalker

I unify in order to explore. Attracting wakefulness I seal the output of space with the magnetic tone of purpose. I am guided by own power doubled.

This illuminates what I said above. If a majority of people unify on a thought-form they create it. It seals the output of space because they had a purpose. But as an individual BODY, you don’t need a group to agree with you to heal yourself and stop aging. They’ll reject you because you excel as a weird outlier but you can be as happy and healthy as you wish for as long as you wish no matter what they’re doing! Just don’t expect them to join your mindset.

3D and 4D Interplanetary Synchronicity

We are mediated by Earth today.

13 Earth, Venus, and Uranus. 1asteroid belt.
All Zodiac Signs
  • The Sun heads into the sign of Aquarius today for a stay until February 18th. (our Red 13 Earth antipode.) During this cycle, we are motivated by our need for knowledge, experience, and originality. Innovation is more important to us than convention. Our attention turns to what’s outdated in our lives, and we strive to find new perspectives and methods. The structure and order that Capricorn found appealing now seem too rigid. The freedom of the individual becomes far more significant to us. We strive to free ourselves from some of the restrictions, inhibitions, and limitations that now feel constraining rather than safe in the month ahead. However, we can be unreliable, unpredictable, or too rebellious for our own good when the Sun is under strain.
  • Mercury, while still retrograde, formed a quincunx with Mars on the 17th. Today, direct Mercury meets Mars through the same aspect, and there can be misjudgments and a disconnect between our desires or actions and what we say or think.


The Earth Holon Synchronicity

The ScR is 7.8 and amplitude is 12. We’re fine.

GIANT SUNSPOT: There’s a big dark spot in the middle of the sun. David J Kriegler saw it last night at sunset over Gulf Shores, Alabama:

This is AR3190, one of the largest sunspots of surging Solar Cycle 25. “It’s almost five times the diameter of Earth, and could be seen through the thick humid atmosphere over the Gulf of Mexico,” says Kriegler.

The scale of AR3190 makes it an easy target for amateur astronomers. You don’t even need a solar telescope. Eclipse glasses work, too. You might have some old ones left over from 2017; if not, here’s where you can get a new pair.

Caution: Sunset photos like Kriegler’s are possible, but be careful. Even when the sun is dimmed by low clouds or haze, looking directly through the camera can damage your eyes. Always use the LCD screen for viewfinding.

more images: from Martin Wise of Trenton, Florida; from Randall Shivak of Cape Coral, Florida; from Pepe Manteca of Begues, Catalunya, Spain; from Eduardo Schaberger Poupeau of Rafaela, Santa Fe, Argentina

Realtime Space Weather Photo Gallery
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A ‘LIGHTNING BOLT’ ON THE SUN: Imagine a bolt of lightning half-a-million kilometers long. Actually, no need to imagine. Here it is:

This enormous plasma discharge zig-zagged through the sun’s atmosphere yesterday, Jan. 19th, briefly connecting two sunspots AR3192 and AR3190 with a 500,000 km-long current dwarfing any terrestrial lightning.

The upshot of the bolt was … nothing. No CME or other debris emerged from the area. Currents and hot plasma were contained inside the crooked channel. Maybe next time.


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