Be Careful if You Care More About Your Image and the Way You Appear Than Your Truth

The way the body holds it gravitas, it’s gravity, it’s high rate of QI spin that creates weight, is Truth. Your truth has no morals. Your truth is whatever is true for you; what you think, believe and feel and what you want. It’s being aware of your destiny and choosing how it plays out.

It doesn’t mean it aligns with universal truth or law but the universe tolerates all people and it’s always in flux. It is evolutionary also. This tends to be lost on humans because of past errors clouding their vision.

If you’re not sitting in your center of gravity in your body and breath, you are open to predators that are sitting in their gravitas, in shadow. They know and want their truth to be shadow and they are working it. People who are lost, fake, superficial or unaware are easy pickings for those who have a focused mindset one way or the other.

This speaks to sobriety. Nobody who is serious about manifesting their destiny wants to go into mindlessness using a substance sitting in a pub. Alcohol is the most common of course. Sugar/food is second.

Commit to one side or the other to have control of your frequency; light or shadow. You are allowed to choose! There is no judgment but there is karma of course for light and for shadow. The ability to see synchronicity though is available to anyone no matter which way they go.

Synchronicity is nature, not morals. There is no morality in nature. It is what it is. This is a huge truth that no one can control. Evolution is a messy business.

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