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My Tzolkin Matrix Analysis posts are spot on but you may be able to relate to and activate synchronicity in your own life easier.

Just scroll down to the search box and type in synchronicity. You need an app and birth dates from family, friends and mates. This is 4D time spin up not 3D space astrology although they sync exactly. But you have to work it!

The two together give you exact reading in SPACETIME. Spacetime is the past and future spinning at the same time as the DNA double helix. That means that everything is literally spacetime bc everything is DNA at different vibrational levels including rocks! Just because something isn’t SENTIENT doesn’t mean it isn’t DNA. Watch out for how you define life. Crystals are a rock nut they are sentient…for instance.

Once your eyes open you will see synchronicity all around you. It’s anarchy. You’re not supposed to see it or know it’s possible. This is the magic of life but it isn’t magic, IT’S MATH…COSMIC MATH…EXPONENTIAL.

I want humanity to win with their magic and I’ll be happy to disappear. But this truth cannot be ignored.

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