What People Believe “UFOs” Are In 2023: Four Main Categories

Great article from Conscious Evolution.


I’m a Deep Diver as far as category. I’ve been researching and working with the Maya in meditation and otherwise for 33 years as well.as quantum physics and intuition. I have written one book specifically pertaining to the Tzolkin and three others on other topics.

I have not had a current, direct experience with a UAP because I’ve asked not to. It wouldn’t phase me. I find humans to be odd enough. Psychic and healing work is extremely easy for me but I don’t really want any more special skills right now.

I came to earth to be immersed in human life and family and feel I’ve had many lifetimes doing cosmic work with many different galactic species and politics.

I’m interested in earth politics but want little to do with the current GGLN because of the Tiamat fiasco, allowing Jupiter and Saturn to institute 12:60 coordinates for GGLN reasons that I don’t 100% dispute. The timelines and all DNA species need to settle it themselves.

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