Pluto in Capricorn Transit

This is in 100% synchronicity with Time as 4D, one with 3D, our bodies and astrology today. Listen well.

Listen to what he he says about astrologers and MIND. It’s because they don’t know that MIndset IS Time. Just as our bodies ARE time. Our time belongs to us and is completely malleable.

The sun, the earth and the other planets RESPOND and work in partnership WITH US. He’s right. The sun and planets are not CAUSAL. We are causal. Damn!

I need to make a point about intuition because mine is on all the time. Tea leaves, crystal balls, white boards, white snow, the sky, these are all tools for the intuitive to go into a partial trance-like state of mind.

He kept talking about feelings. It’s not feelings, it’s vibrations and frequencies. Feelings are physical and not rational. They are a certain truth but not the whole truth. IMO, one should never make assessments or decisions based on feelings.

INTUITION is the higher rational mind and you can search on it in the search box. I’ve blogged on it and have written a book about it. When looking at the past or the future, those timelines that ARE the DNA in our bodies you need to use all of it; your intuition, rational assessment, and feelings.

I’m adding this to today’s oracle.

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